Eco Promises


Our Eco Promise to You:

MWR is committed to improving our processes today for a better, cleaner, safer environment tomorrow. We have partnered with DLA Installation Operations at Columbus Environmental Division to identify ways we can be more eco-friendly in 2019, and beyond!

Our 2019 Eco Promise principles (expand to see all current Eco Promises):

Reduce plastic and Styrofoam usage

  • Promise 1:  All MWR retail bags are now reusable, paper or compostable.

Offer Eco-friendly options to our customers

  • Promise 3:  All of our latex balloons are now 100% biodegradable latex and come with "dispose of me properly" instructions.

Develop pollinator and native prairie habitats on the installation

Utilize renewable energy sources

Offer eco-friendly giveaways and programs

Manage food waste diversion and composting program at food service operations

Utilize eco-friendly products to clean and landscape MWR facilities

Maximize recycling efforts


Keep an eye out for more Eco Promises debuting each month!


We are in need of Eco-Helpers!

If you are interested in helping with environmental projects*,
Please Register Here.
projects currently include but are not limited to Butterfly Club (counting and habitat enhancement), BlueBird Box Team (box maintenance), CDC Garden Team and general interest.

This just in: per IAW DLAI 1015.01, CH 2, 4.c., DLA Associates may choose to use Wellness Program time to support the Eco-Helpers initiative.