Eco Promises


Our Eco Promise to You:

MWR is committed to improving our processes today for a better, cleaner, safer environment tomorrow. We have partnered with DLA Installation Operations at Columbus Environmental Division to identify ways we can be more eco-friendly in 2019, and beyond!

Our 2019 Eco Promise principles (expand to see all current Eco Promises):

Reduce plastic and Styrofoam usage

  • Promise 1:  All MWR retail bags are now reusable, paper or compostable.
  • Promise 8:  Cafe 20 now utilizes eco-friendly fiber food containers (eliminated Styrofoam)

Offer Eco-friendly options to our customers

  • Promise 3:  All of our latex balloons are now 100% biodegradable latex and come with "dispose of me properly" instructions.

Develop pollinator and native prairie habitats on the installation

  • Promise 6:  Our Hope Garden now includes pollinator flowers and shrubs.
  • Promise 7:  Eagle Eye Golf Course in now home to three Bluebird Boxes (our Eco-Helpers Bluebird Box Team works to maintain these boxes).

Utilize renewable energy sources

Offer eco-friendly giveaways and programs


Manage food waste diversion and composting program at food service operations

Utilize eco-friendly products to clean and landscape MWR facilities

Maximize recycling efforts

Promise 9:  Our Child Development Center now recycles white & scrap paper in the classroom.


Keep an eye out for more Eco Promises debuting each month!


We are in need of Eco-Helpers!

If you are interested in helping with environmental projects*,
Please Register Here.
projects currently include but are not limited to Butterfly Club (counting and habitat enhancement), BlueBird Box Team (box maintenance), CDC Garden Team and general interest.