RV Storage Lot



If you have an RV, boat, camper, trailer, or anything on wheels you need to store, you’ll find our RV Storage Lot has the best price in town!  Convenient, affordable and secure so you can enjoy all of life's adventures!

Our RV Storage Lot is a secured lot on the DSCC, located off of A Street, between 9th Boulevard and Foyle Avenue.  For security purposes, access is only granted to customers with items in storage and Outdoor Recreation staff with a 24-hour access key card.  Payments are due the first of each month.  We do our best to prorate new customers to an April or October payment schedule.

The RV Storage Lot is managed by the MWR Outdoor Recreation Department.  Our programs are only open to MWR eligible patrons (click "Eligibility below for details").


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5-6 Months


We currently have limited availability and are operating on a waitlist.  New customers, please email us with your contact information and type/length of unit needed to be placed on the waitlist.

  • Check Your Email:  New gate kiosks are now in use at the RV Storage Lot. Please be sure to check your email (including junk/spam box) for your new access code and important information about the new process.

RV/Vehicle Storage Lot

Our RV/Vehicle Storage Lot feature a max space size of 42' x 13' and can accommodate RVs, boats, campers, trailers and other vehicles.


1 month6 months
12 months


Our new private self-storage units feature an enclosed 7'L x 10'W x 9'H space with 6'W x 7'H sliding garage-style door.  Perfect for household goods storage!  Limited units available. No fuel, oil or combustibles.


1 month

Acceptable RV/Vehicle Lot Storable Units

Please note that all recreational vehicles must be in usable condition with a valid registration and license plate, all tires inflated, and exterior in good condition.

We Can Store

We Can't Store

Cars & Trucks
Undrivable Vehicles
MotorcyclesLawn Mowers
Motor Homes & Campers
Vehicles with Flat Tires
Boats & Jet Skis
Vehicles with Unsightly Exteriors
Trailer Hitches
Unservicable Vehicles
Other vehicles carried on trailer hitches

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