Fitness Center Group Classes

Group Class Descriptions

  • ACTIVE ADULTS:  Excellent functional fitness class for those of any age willing and able to participate! Using a set of light weights and a chair, this class is designed to condition the body by improving strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and strengthen those with arthritic conditions. All movements can be modified to accommodate all senior age groups, fitness levels, and the physically challenged.
  • ACTIVE ADULTS (MOBILITY & STRETCHING):  This class will look to ease the stressors placed upon the muscular and skeletal system. The entire body will be used, holding stretches while utilizing a chair. These functional exercises can be modified to accommodate all senior age groups, fitness levels, and the physically challenged.
  • ACTIVE ADULTS (MORNING CIRCUIT):   Interval training class for those of any age willing and able!  A great way to burn fat and boost metabolism while training the body for functional movement.  Each interval is 40-90 seconds and consists of low intensity cardiovascular activities, upper body, and lower body exercises using machines. This class can be modified to accommodate all senior age groups, fitness levels, and the physically challenged.
  • BREAK IT UP CYCLING:  Challenge yourself with cycling combined with light weight strength training. You will burn a massive number of calories, while strengthening your muscles at the same time. This body conditioning class allows you to go at your own pace, so all fitness levels are welcome.
  • FITNESS YOGA:  A combination of Vinyasa Flow and low-impact strength training exercises, while offering the option of incorporating light weights. The goal of the class is full body conditioning through postures that strengthen, balance and stabilize. This sculpting practice combines functional movements and short flowing sequences to build muscle and bone strength while soaking up the multiple benefits of a mindful yoga practice. Available for all fitness levels.
  • HIIT EXPRESS: A high-intensity interval training workout that will develop and improve your strength, metabolism, and oxygen consumption. HIIT training goes hard for short periods of high-intensity strength and cardio exercises mixed with brief periods of recovery. This class will focus on a HIIT workout for the first 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of cool down and stretching. Perfect for lunch - 30 minutes to train and get back to work. Add 15 minutes of recovery if you have time to bring down your heart rate and prepare your body for the next workout!
  • KICKBOXING FITNESS:  High intensity cardio class with an emphasis on kickboxing for cardio and functional exercises. Members will alternate through rounds of using punches and kicks on the bag, and full body exercises to help burn a massive number of calories.  Kickboxing gloves are required, and hand wraps are optional. Available for all fitness levels.
  • KICKBOXING FUNDAMENTALS:  A class designed to teach the basics of kickboxing. Beginners can learn all of the punches and kicks they will need to be successful and confident in the higher intensity kickboxing courses. More advance members are welcome to join in and get tips on how to make their form even better. Kickboxing gloves are required, and hand wraps are optional. Available for all fitness levels.
  • PILATES:  A series of non-impact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance and inner awareness for all fitness levels. This sculpting practice uses functional movements to target mobility and stability. Pilates rings, resistance bands, dumbbells and weighted balls will be utilized to fully train the core and properly align and condition the body. 
  • POWERLIFTING 101: Members will learn the basics of safely lifting heavy with the intent of building muscle mass. Each week will focus on different fundamentals of power lifting and the strategies used to help find success. We will also have opportunity to try out some signature exercises like rows, bench press, and even deadlifts. Members will gain the knowledge and confidence they will need to help them reach goals they didn't realize they could efficiently and safely. 
  • POWER SCULPT: A fun and easy total circuit body using different types of resistance training. This is a total body sculpting and toning class. Work out focusing on isolated exercises engaging each major muscle group. You can expect a total body burn while building lean muscle mass shaping your body.  
  • ROPES, KETTLEBELLS & BARBELLS: Intense class meant to help stimulate muscle growth while challenging the core. This body conditioning class incorporates an interval training format with a focus on functional power and explosive movements. Available for all fitness levels.
  • SPINNING CARDIO:  Your cardio challenge is here! You can go at your own pace or be challenged by our excellent instructors. You will climb hills, do sprints and jumps all in one class. Because you can adjust the tension on the bike yourself, this cardio workout is suited for ANYONE and EVERYONE!
  • VINYASA YOGA:  A no impact, core-centered class. The focus is on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses, as well as creating the opportunity to become stronger, more flexible and balanced in a moving meditation. The series of postures seamlessly flow into the next, uniting breath, mind and body. Prepare to practice stretching your body and your mind by being present in the moment.
  • W.O.W (Women on Weights):   A trainer-led fitness class with a focus on women’s health and fitness. Follow the trainer though various exercises that will help burn fat and build lean muscle. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Meet the Trainers

  • Annemarie comes to the DSCC with over 20 years of experience as a fitness instructor and coach. She is passionate about helping people magnify their own empowerment through mindful training. Her specialty is teaching various styles of Yoga. Annemarie has certifications (200 hour) through both CorePower Yoga and YogaFit. She appreciates the healing power that comes through movement and the energy flow that Yoga has to offer. She equally enjoys coaching Sports Conditioning, club & high school volleyball and softball. She is well trained in Mindfulness and is a certified instructor of Pilates Reformer and Mat, Tai Chi, Les Mills Body Pump and Body Flow. When Annemarie is not in the gym, you will likely find her practicing her golf swing or swinging away on the tennis or volleyball court.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Effective January 8, 2024. 

Know Before You Go!

The following classes are cancelled:

  • Wednesday, January 17:  4:30pm Yoga is cancelled.


9:30AMActive Adults
60 MIN
HIIT Express
45 MIN



45 MIN


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