Civilian Welfare Council

Civilian Welfare Programs are established and operated to serve the needs and interests of all Federal employees on DoD installations.

How is the Civilian Welfare Fund funded?

Civilian Welfare Fund (CWF) is generated from money received through the Post Restaurant Fund (PRF). The PRF is funded by the fees received from the post cafeteria contractor for operation of the cafeterias on center.

What is the Civilian Welfare Council?

The Civilian Welfare Council (CWC) manages the CWF, and consists of members that represent organizations from across the DSCC. Members of the CWC are appointed by their respective organizations and serve as the voice of that organization, and ultimately represent the interests of all employees served by the CWF.

What programs and activities are authorized to request funds from the CWC?

The CWC funds activities such as Installation-wide events, Armed Services birthdays and condolences. Funded activities must be publicly announced and open/accessible to all interested DSCC employees. Sales tax, alcohol and funds for DoD contractors are not authorized for reimbursement per AR 215-7. AR 215-7 Section 5-5d(2)(d) prohibits awarding, giving or drawing for door prizes at events that receive CWC funds. CWC funds cannot be used for this purpose. Click here for more information about Civilian Welfare authorized programs and activities.

How do I request funds from the CWC?

Requests are accepted January 1 – March 31 for next fiscal year. Requests are voted on by the council annually at the April meeting. Below are CWC meeting dates (subject to change).  All requestors are encouraged to attend the April meeting to answer any applicable questions presented by the Council about the requests. 

FY24 CWC Quarterly MeetingDeadline for Funds Submissions
October 19, 2023
January 18, 2024

April 18, 2024
April 1, 2024 (FY25 Funding Requests)
July 18, 2024

Download CWF Request Form

What is a Condolence Request?

The Civilian Welfare Council sponsors a fund to send condolence flowers when an associate has a death in their immediate family (includes spouses, children and parents only; excludes in-laws). If the associate would prefer something sent to them personally, in lieu of the funeral home or church, we can provide them with a small arrangement sent to their home. In lieu of flowers, the family may request that a $25 donation be made to the charitable or religious organization of the family's choosing in honor of or in memory of the deceased. In the event of an associate's death, a donation can be made or flowers can be sent to their immediate family. This policy applies to current military and federal employees assigned to the DSCC Installation including those DLA Land and Maritime employees currently working at detached government facilities.

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