Volunteer Opportunities

Become an MWR event volunteer and join the team that inspires camaraderie in the workforce. As a volunteer you will be involved with a special group of people who set the standards for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation for Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna.

Volunteers will receive a letter of appreciation after volunteering for an event in recognition for your support and efforts.


For more details or to sign up as a volunteer, contact the following:



F Avenue, Bldg. 320

TEL: (717) 770-6428

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G Avenue, Bldg. 400

TEL: (717) 770-5072

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G Avenue, Bldg. 400

TEL: (717) 770-6270

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Thank you for your time. Become an MWR event volunteer!


  • Happenings Monthly Calendar July 2024 (pdf)
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MWR volunteer program at the HQC

Stay Connected!

MWR Susquehanna hosts larger Installation Wide events that are in need of support! Help us make these events a success by joining and helping out.

  • Children's Trout Derby (May)
    • Help make this event a great experience for our young anglers! Many volunteer opportunities are available to make this community event a success, regardless of your fishing skills. Volunteers needed to support with the following: setup, registration table, fishing assistance, prize drawings, tear down, etc.
  • SummerFest & Organization Day (August)
    • Every year we say "thank you" to ALL Active Duty Military, National Guard/Active Reservists, Department of Defense personnel, military and DoD civilian retirees, civilian DoD employees, Disabled Vets, and their families by hosing the annual SummerFest & Organization Day on Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna. This annual organization/employee appreciation day needs all the support it can get! Volunteer opportunities include the following: pre-event administrative support, event setup, at event activity support, manning game events, photo/video support, registration table, table manning, gate runners, cleanup/tear down, and more.

If you would like to receive details on how to become a part of these events, please contact the Marketing Manager at the following:

TEL:  (717) 770-5072

Email Us

If you don’t find anything on the list that interests you we are always open to suggestions. Just let us know what you have in mind! We are happy to explore other options to make these events even grander with your partnership!

Fitness Center Volunteer Opportunities

Become an MWR event volunteer and assist with our various Fitness Center special events, recurring activities, and programs.

There are various Special Events held throughout the year and one may tickle your fancy. Volunteer opportunities available to assist with events such as: Commander's Cup Series events, 5K Fun Run/Walk events, Intramural Sports (Leagues), Dodgeball Tournament, Basketball Shooting Competitions, Tennis, Racquetball, Obstacle Courses, and more.

As a MWR event volunteer you will assist in score-keeping, act as referee, be a cheerleader, registration, setup, tear-down, softball field maintenance, and encourage all participants to have a good time and fully enjoy the event. 

If you would like to receive details on how to become a part of the Fitness Center events, please contact the Fitness & Aquatics Program Manager at the following:

TEL:  (717) 770-6428

Email Us

The Child Development Center (CDC) has an “Open Door” policy, thus parents may come and visit at any time during operating hours.

Research shows parents who are actively involved in the care and education of their child(ren) have a direct, positive impact on their child’s educational success. We’re committed to maintaining a strong partnership with our parents and your participation is always welcome!

The CDC offers a variety of ways in which parents can become involved. If you don’t find anything on the list that interests you, see a member of management or your child’s teacher for additional suggestions.

  • Read a book to your child’s class or record books on tape.
  • Volunteer in the classroom. Note: please speak with the CDC Director about ways you may be involved in the classroom occasionally or on a regular basis. There are training requirements for this type of participation.
  • Help create a display or bulletin board.
  • Make home-made games for the children to use during rest time when they aren’t feeling sleepy.
  • Attend parent education activities.
  • Assist during special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Volunteer Appreciation, and other holiday activities.
  • Accompany your child’s class on a nature walk or visit to the installation’s fire station.
  • Share your occupation, hobby, or special talent with a group of children.
  • Join your child for lunch or snack and learn about “Family Style” dining in the center setting.
  • Become a part of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), a group that meets periodically with the CDC Director and Child & Youth Program (CYP) Coordinator to discuss center updates, staffing changes, special events, etc.

If you would like to receive details on how to become a part of this important group, please contact CYP at the following:

IN PERSON Child and Youth Program, J Avenue, Bldg. 255

TEL:  (717) 770-7360

Email Us