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Join the MWR team supporting the U.S. Armed Forces. 

We offer competitive salaries and opportunities for you to develop a career. Most of our benefits start on the first day and may include medical & dental insurance,

flexible scheduling, and more!

    DLA MWR has other various employment opportunities available across the globe.

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    T R A I N I N G    
    As a MWR employee, your individual professional development is a high priority. Opportunities exist for technical training to help you do your do better. Employees can also take online coursework with through the U.S. Army’s Family and MWR Academy in financial and personnel management, leadership, procurement, customer service, marketing and promotions and program planning. Family and MWR leadership values its employees and provides multiple ways move upward in your career. 

    B E N E F I T S
    MWR offers competitive salaries and benefit packages that include medical, dental and life insurance. Comprehensive retirement and 401(k) plans are available for part-time and full-time employees and the organization will match your monthly contributions up to four percent. 

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      • Flexible (Flex), Regular part-time (RPT), and Regular full-time (RFT) positions available.
        • Flex employees are scheduled 0-39 hours per week.
        • Regular part-time (RPT) employees are scheduled 20-39 hours per week.
        • Regular full-time (RFT) employees are scheduled 40 hours per week with benefits.
      • Competitive wages.
      • Comprehensive & competitive benefit plans.

      Important Details

      • All applicants MUST apply through
      • Available jobs and opening will be posted on USA Jobs with closing dates, please ensure you follow all application instructions and apply prior to job posted closing date.
      • Filter your search by typing in your Location as: New Cumberland, PA.


      Position Responsibilities & Additional Details

      Automotive Worker

      As an Automotive Worker, the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:

      • Identifying improperly functioning parts for repair or replacement using on-board computer diagnostic systems and other test equipment.
      • Installing, adjusting and setting automotive systems in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and tests the completed product.
      • Determining whether parts should be cleaned or replaced.

      Regular part-time (RPT) and Flexible (Flex) positions may be available.

      Waiters (Banquets)

      The Susquehanna Club is always looking for new members to join their team.

      As a(n) Waiter (Banquets), the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:

      • Servicing banquets guests either by providing for set menu banquets or taking individual orders.
      • Setting up and breaking down banquet settings.
      • Replenishing beverages

      Flexible (Flex) positions available.

      Recreation Assistant/ Aid (Physical Fitness)

      As a Recreation Assistant (Physical Fitness), the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:
      • In a patron usage facility, circulates among patrons to assure service is satisfactory; receives and resolves customer complaints; provides information and general instructions on the use of equipment, facilities and machinery.
      • Assists patrons in use of the facility by checking out equipment, providing safety instruction, demonstrating new equipment, teaching classes, etc.
      • Plans, conducts, publicizes and arranges support for special events, social activities, tournaments and related functions.
      • May provide work guidance to other staff.

      • Performs other duties as assigned.

      As a Recreation Aid (Physical Fitness), the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following

      • Issuing tools, equipment and games to authorized customers at the Fitness Center.
      • Checking identification, collects fees when appropriate, and completes appropriate documentation.
      • Receiving returned items, inspecting for obvious damage and missing parts.
      • Assisting in directing patrons, scheduling the use of courts, lanes and equipment.
      • Providing facility and program information to patrons. Assisting with simple repair and maintenance.

      Regular part-time (RPT) and Flexible (Flex) positions may be available

      Recreation Specialist

      As a Recreation Specialist, the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:

      • Plans, markets and conducts an ongoing program to provide conditioning programs for facility users.
      • Instructs individuals and groups in the proper conditioning and training for aerobic and muscular fitness, body composition and flexibility.
      • Instructs patrons in the proper use of equipment and self-monitored progress by preparing written instructions and procedures for use of equipment and safety of all users.
      • Supervises assigned personnel.

      This is a Regular part-time (RPT) position.

      Child & Youth Program Assistants (CYPA)

      As a Child and Youth Program Assistant (CYPA) in one or more CYS programs, the incumbent at the Target Level-4 would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:
      • Maintaining control of and accounting for the whereabouts and safety of children and youth.
      • Interacting with children and youth using approved child guidance and youth development techniques
      • Supervising children and youth during daily schedule of indoor and outdoor activities, on field trips, outings and special events.
      • Promoting and modeling safety, fitness, health, and nutrition practices.

      As a developmental position, all employees conduct the same duties; however, the Entry Level-2 and Skill Level-3 employees are provided additional oversight, guidance, and training until they can perform the Target Level duties independently.

      • Regular part-time (RPT) and Flexible (Flex) positions may be available.
      • CYPAs work directly with children and youth to deliver a meaningful, safe program experience.
      • CYPAs must be trustworthy, able to maintain a high degree of professionalism at all times and have the desire to be a positive influence on children and youth.
      • CYPAs receive thorough training and have opportunities to grow as a professional.

      Operations Assistants

      As an Operations Assistant, the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:

      • Assisting management with the operation of facility in accordance with established procedures.
      • Issuing, receiving and controlling cash receipts and change funds.
      • Verifying cash count of funds turned in by cashiers.
      • Determining cash shortage or overages, assuring only authorized patrons utilize the facilities.
      • Completing Daily Activity Report, fire safety checks and securing the facility.

      Regular part-time (RPT) and Flexible (Flex) positions may be available.

      Laborer (Riverview Golf Course)

      The Riverview Golf Course is looking for a new members to join their team. 

      As a Laborer, the incumbent would be responsible for duties such as, but not limited to, the following:

      • Mows grass, lays sod, weeds flowerbeds, trims and edges walkways and lawns.
      • Loads and unloads conveyances; moves materials using wheelbarrows, hand trucks or dollies; stacks and arranges supplies for storage; collects refuse and recyclable materials.
      • Adjusts, cleans, oils and changes attachments on machines.
      • Maintains stock of cleaning materials and implements used.
      • Performs other duties as assigned.

      Flexible (Flex) position available.


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