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Welcome to the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) – your trusted resource for fostering strong, resilient military families. FAP is excited to introduce FAP Chats, a monthly blog-style series designed to support both military and civilian employees and their families. FAP Chats delve into essential topics, providing valuable insights, resources, and tips to enhance the well-being of our diverse community.

What Are FAP Chats? FAP Chats are concise, informative reads addressing the unique challenges faced by military and civilian families alike. From mental health strategies to child abuse prevention and domestic violence awareness, we tackle subjects that matter most to you.

Why FAP Chats?

  • Inclusive Support: FAP Chats are tailored for both military and civilian employees, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.
  • Practical Guidance: Access expert advice and actionable tips to navigate the complexities of work-life balance and family dynamics.
  • Unified Community: Join a diverse community where military and civilian families connect through reading, sharing experiences, and support one another.

Topics That Matter: Our monthly articles cover a wide range of topics relevant to your lives, addressing the challenges and triumphs of both military and civilian families. Whether you're seeking guidance on parenting, mental health, or community resources, FAP Chats have you covered.

Connect With Us: Your feedback is crucial! Connect with the Family Advocacy Program at 717-770-7066 to share your thoughts, questions, or suggestions for future FAP Chats.

The Family Advocacy Program believes in the strength of unity and community support. Join us in the journey to empower both military and civilian families, fostering a thriving environment for all.


Current FAP Chat (Click Below)

  • May 2024 Mindfulness and Motherhood (pdf)
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  • April 2024 Mental Health in the Workplace (pdf)
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  • March 2024 Parenting and Mental Wellness (pdf)
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  • February 2024 Love and Self Compassion (pdf)
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  • January 2024 New Beginnings and Mental Wellness (pdf)
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  • Happenings Monthly Calendar May 24 (pdf)
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Yearly Events Calendar

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6:00am Eastern Time

G Ave., Bldg. 400 , New Cumberland, PA

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