MWR develops all kinds of enrichment programs to support workforce readiness and the military community. One such program is the Department of Defense-MWR Summer Reading Program. The program’s theme this year is “It's Showtime.” Reading fosters the imagination and can open a window to the world. New and exciting activities include crafts, STEM events, recommended reading lists, incentives, films and more for children, teens and parents. Enroll in this year’s summer reading program and help your child explore, discover and experience new people, places and things.

Encourage summer reading

The mission of the Department of Defense-MWR summer reading program, through a contract with the Illinois Library Association iREAD Reading Programs, is to provide the resources and experiences to bridge the summer gap, while inspiring literacy and life-long learning. The benefits of summer reading are clear:

  • National research finds that students who participate in the library summer reading programs scored higher on reading achievements tests at the beginning of the next school year than those who did not participate.
  • Avid readers of all backgrounds are higher achievers than students who seldom read.
  • Skillful, critical and prolific reading is one of the most important personal habits that leads to a successful academic career and happy, productive life.

Plus, reading is fun for the whole family. Reading can lead to priceless conversations, spur a child’s imagination and inspire young readers to explore creativity and design new worlds.

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