Civilian Welfare Council

Have you ever wondered what CWF stands for or what it is about? CWF stands for Civilian Welfare Fund  and CWF members are employees who volunteer their service and expertise throughout the year!

  • CWF assists with coffee pot purchases for your break area.
  • CWF will send out sympathy cards in time of sorrow.
  • CWF supports break room supplies (games, cards, ping pong balls, paddles and nets)
  • CWF will loan out medical equipment, such as walkers and wheel chairs at no charge!

Volunteering for this committee can be fun and rewarding!

In the last five years, the council has supported The Diversity/Employee Appreciation Day,
Children’s Christmas Party, and Change of Command events by planning and providing guidance.
The council members plan, assist, and execute these programs. The members participate in fund raising,
such as candy bags for Halloween and Valentine’s Day, root beer floats, and sponsoring the
annual golf tournament to help pay for these events and programs.

25% of the funds generated by the Post Restaurant and vending machines, by the employees, are returned to the employees via dividends paid to the Civilian Welfare Fund to support employee programs.

Please remember that your use of the Installation Cafeterias, lunch truck, and vending machines help support employee programs.

Employee Appreciation Day

The budget for the event depends upon available funds which are managed by the Civilian Welfare Fund (CWF) Council which plays an important role in serving DLA San Joaquin employees. This past employee appreciation day, lunch was FREE and attendees had a choice of a hot link, hot dog, hamburger, or vegetarian option. Lunch was served with chips and drink options. Activities included:  volleyball, ping pong, horseshoes, and a softball tournament and much more.  A popular fund raiser of the day was the dunk tank. For one dollar participants received three balls to try and knock off volunteers from their pedestal. Through the CWF efforts a number of morale and team building events and activities were possible and enjoyed by many.

Civilian Welfare Fund Chair                  Sunni Olaso-Cooper

 Phone: (209) 839-4401


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