What to Expect When You're Expected Back at the DSCC

At DSCC-MWR, we are working hard to assure you receive excellent service and a have positive experiences with our facilities and programs while you are at the DSCC. Though the effects of the shut-down put a strain on many Installation services, we are proud to continue to serve you and assist in increasing your morale, wellness and resiliency both in the workplace and at home.


  • Fitness Center & Sports Program:
    For your convenience, our Fitness Center has expanded its hours to 5:30am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday. At this time, all areas of the Fitness Center are open to all patrons & guests. We are excited to once again offer in -person programs, including Intramural sports, year-round 5Ks, workshops, and weight loss programs. Check with your supervisor about eligibility for the DLA Wellness & Fitness Program.
  • Eagle Eye Golf Course:
    Golf with us year-round, no matter the weather! Visit our Course, Driving Range and Club House during the in-season, AND in the off-season check out our Indoor Practice Facility!
  • ITR Tickets & Travel:
    Your one-stop-shop for discounted tickets & unique gifts is open for in-person sales 10:00am – 2:00pm, Tuesday – Thursday. We’re also available on Mondays and Fridays to process online and phone orders.
  • Outdoor Recreation:
    At this time our Outdoor Recreation Office/Rental Center is open M-W-F 9am – 3pm, however we plan to expand our hours of operation in Spring 2023!  Stop in and tour our facility, and get your reservations booked for 2023 by taking advantage of our Early Bird Special!
  • Child Development Center:
    Information coming soon.
  • Family Services Program:
    We understand how important it is to develop a healthy work/life balance and maintain self-care during times of transition. Keep an eye out for our Mind Body Mental Fitness program this winter!
  • Café 20:
    Due to a prolonged reduction in usage, Eurest no longer offers a manned operation, hot food service or catering services, but will continue to offer Grab N’ Go items and beverages with a self-pay register until their contract ends on March 27, 2023. Securing a new food service provider for Café 20 is our highest priority, as we understand the impact this has on our workforce. Please see our FAQs below for additional information.


  • Has the increase of employees on base in January 2023 been considered?
    Though the DLA "future of work" plan has recently changed, yes, the former predicted increase of DSCC employees returning to work in January 2023 was considered. Unfortunately, due to the prolonged losses experienced by Eurest at Café 20, a potential increase in sales would not be significant enough to warrant continuing the contract. Similar reduction/transition of services are occurring across other DLA & Army-MWR installations as food service operations continue to struggle with the impact of the pandemic and increased telework.
  • Will there be additional folks hired to cover the cafeteria soon and will there be other pre-ordering arrangements made?
    At this time, Eurest plans continue with minimal staff through January 9, 2023. They plan to transition to an unstaffed operation from January 9 – March 27, 2023. Additional staff will not be hired -- please anticipate longer wait times during this transition. Eurest will not be utilizing the Thrive app for the remainder of their service with Café 20, due to an inability to manage in-person and online orders with minimal staff. No other pre-ordering arrangements are planned at this time.
  • What will Café 20 Food Service look like in January 2023?
    Beginning January 9, 2023, Eurest services will be limited to Grab N’ Go items and beverages. Check-out will be done through a self-pay register and there will be no on-site Eurest staff.
  • What happens to Café 20 after March 27, 2023?
    Although we can’t guarantee anything at this time, securing a new food service provider for Café 20 is our highest priority, and we hope to have a new provider in place on March 27, 2023 to avoid any lapse in food service.
  • What other Food Service options do I have on base?
    Vending machines are available in most breakrooms throughout Building 20 and most accept cash and credit cards at this time. Microwaves are available for warming up food in the Café 20 dining area, and most Building 20 breakroom. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase at the Exchange Express, located in Building 47. There is also a 24/7 MicroMarket available in Building 11, Section 8. If you have access to Building 21, Three Square Market is available in Floor 1, Pod A.
  • Will you be coordinating for another Sundry Store in Building 20?
    The Sundry Store will remain closed for now, but it is being considered for conversion to a micro-mart operation.


  • Will Shuttle Service return?
    There are no plans to bring back Shuttle Service at this time. However, work is being done now to transition 3 rows of handicapped parking to general parking, increasing parking access close to the building. The DSCC Taxi service runs Mon-Fri 0600 – 1800, not on federal holidays. It does not run a set route, but operates just like a normal taxi you call when needing transportation. This cannot be used for off base transportation. Taxi phone (614) 915-1182.

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  • The Three Square market in Building 21 really open, and how would I be able to find out if I have access to that building? 
    Yes, Three Square Market is open at this time.  If you experience any issues, please call the number posted on the displays or reference the Food Service Contact Us Section. If you are unsure if you have the proper credentials to enter Building 21, you can contact Pass & ID at 614-692-3023.