DSCC Firemen Make Cameo in Latest Fitness Center Video


The Defense Supply Center Columbus Morale, Welfare and Recreation Center’s staff have worked tirelessly to stay engaged with customers and develop meaningful content during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a 15-month closure, the staff at the DSCC Fitness Center was excited to reopen its doors to customers again in June. However, with restrictions on in-person group fitness classes and much of the DSCC workforce continuing to telework, fitness center staff were determined to find a creative way to bring their services to their customers, and into their homes.

WOW! Workout Wednesdays launched last month and features short, weekly workout videos that can be combined or repeated to create personalized workouts for any fitness level. Host and DSCC MWR Fitness Trainer Rio Mino provides expert instruction in this growing series, which includes Zumba, Kickboxing, Tabata Training, Yoga, Step, and most recently, The Whole Nine Yards featuring some of DSCC’s own firefighters.

The fitness center and DSCC Fire Department have an exceptional long-standing relationship. After one of the Fire Department’s daily workouts at the fitness center, Rio and fellow staff member Kristina Lukegord proposed the idea of having some of the firefighters featured in an upcoming WOW! Video. Firemen Neil Cornett, Ryan Bellman and Richard Aldrich volunteered to participate, and are now featured in the October 20th WOW! The Whole Nine Yards Video.

“Everyone had fun making [the video],” Mino said. “We’re hoping this video will help reach a broader audience. Our WOW videos are for everybody, whether you’re young or old, beginner or advanced, we just want everyone to participate and have fun while being active.”

The DSCC MWR Fitness Center staff hopes to create more WOW! Videos with the DSCC Fire Department, and possibly include cameos from other DSCC organizations in the future. WOW! Workout Wednesday videos can be viewed at, the DSCC MWR YouTube Page or on DSCC-MWR’s Facebook Page.

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