"It Pays to Swipe!" New Key Fobs at MWR Fitness Center

The next time you visit our MWR Fitness Center, you'll be asked to register for a Fitness Center key fob.  These key fobs will be used instead of CACs to "swipe" upon entering the Fitness Center.  Swiping your new key fob gives us valuable information to improve MWR services and make our facilities better.
  • Our new key fob is designed to capture statistical data on patrons entering MWR facilities.
  • Customers can receive a key fob to swipe on entry at any MWR Fitness Center customer service desk. Staff will be on hand to remind gym users and help as necessary.
  • Your swipe counts towards increasing our efficiency and productivity.  Data will be used by managers for reporting usage and services.  It helps to ensure our staffing levels are accurate and that our class schedules and equipment replacement plans best meet your needs.
  • Benchmarking the number of users, hours our facilities are most used, and equipment access allows MWR to make decisions for long-term needs and hours of operation.
  • Swiping your key fob helps increase funding, which means new programs, better facilities and a stronger community.