Family and MWR Vision and Misson

San Joaquin

DLA Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs directly support readiness and resiliency by providing a variety of installation, Warfighter, and family support activities and services. From social, fitness, and recreational activities to programs that enhance community life, and promote mental and physical fitness, MWR provides a working and living environment that attracts and retains quality customers.

DLA Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs, is a comprehensive network of quality support and leisure services that enhances the lives of Soldiers, Civilians, Families, military retirees and other eligible participants.

The professional MWR team members who manage the invaluable programs support the DLA workforce every day of the year to enable the Armed Forces to focus on its mission—people are our most valuable asset.

Residing in the heart of the San Joaquin County, DLA San Joaquin is home to 1343 employees. San Joaquin workforce composition consists of:

7 Active Duty Military

894 DLA Distribution

271 civilian/ resident contractors DLA Installation Support

17 DLA Disposition Services

48 DLA Information Operation

28 DLA Transaction Service

19 DLA Training

2 DLA Document Services

2 DLA Human Resources

3 DLA Office of Counsel

2 DLA Office of the Inspector General/Intelligence

50 additional employees