Return to Work FAQs

At DSCC-MWR, we are working hard to assure you receive excellent service and a have positive experiences with our facilities and programs, whether you are returning to work on the installation or accessing our services from home.


  • Will the Fitness Center ever go back to their pre-COVID levels hours of operation? Great news…our Fitness Center hours of operation currently exceed pre-COVID levels! While we have scaled back some programs due to low staffing, it is top priority for us to maintain accessible hours of operation. 
  • When will intramural sports return? We are committed to providing a variety of sports programs to the community. As of March 2024, our Intramural Sports are back!  Check out what's going on now.
  • When will more fitness classes be added to the schedule? Our intention is to add additional fitness classes as soon as the Fitness Center is fully staffed, sometime in Summer 2024. Keep an eye out for schedule changes at
  • Can volunteer instructors lead fitness classes? Yes, interested instructors are required to provide proof of current Instructor Certification, CPR Certification, and Insurance; and would need to register as an official volunteer with DSCC-MWR; and would be subject to approval by the Fitness Center Manager. Interested individuals should reach out


  • Will my child be removed from the Child Development Center (CDC)? Department of Defense (DoD) revised their waiting list policy in February 2020 to include the requirement to supplant civilian families if an active duty military member needed care and couldn’t be placed within 45 days. The family being supplanted would be the one in the lowest priority category for the age of the military child. That is to say, if a military member has an infant that can’t be placed within 45 days due to a lack of space, the lowest priority family with an infant in our program would be given 45 days’ notice that we are supplanting. While the possibility exists, thus far the CDC has not had to supplant anyone and it’s impossible to predict if/when there will be a need to do so. 
  • Is the CDC able to accommodate part time or drop-in care for someone who needs it for only one or two days? The CDC only provides full-time care. Eligible patrons can add their child(ren) to the waiting list by visiting The CDC does not offer part-time or drop-in care.
  • Is DLA looking at options to provide funding for outside childcare, since there is often a wait list? DoD funds a subsidized childcare program for active duty military families called Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood. Each branch of service has their own set of rules and criteria for this program. Military families can go to an approved provider/center and pay what they would pay here in our CDC (based on total family income) and their branch of service pays the difference. Unfortunately, neither DLA nor DFAS offers/funds a similar program for civilians.
  • What are you doing to open additional classrooms? The CDC is working aggressively with the NAF HR Child and Youth team to bring new staff members on board. HQ Child and Youth leadership is in regular contact with the HR team to ensure they’re doing all they can to get new hires on board in a timely fashion for DLA CDCs. Recruitment and retention bonuses were recently approved as well and we’re hopeful these will encourage qualified individuals to apply. In addition, members of the CDC team will be visiting local high school programs towards the end of February. These high schools provide vocational early childhood education programs as part of their curriculum. Making high school seniors aware of our program and the benefits of federal employment could very well boost the number of applicants for our positions.

We will be addressing Food Service FAQs very soon.  Do you have additional questions about MWR operations? Submit them here and we'll do our best to address them on this page.
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