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Defense Supply Center Richmond, Va., March 18, 2020 (Updated December 11, 2020)  —

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation is currently maximizing telework for our telework eligible workforce while avoiding mission degradation.  Social distancing and avoiding large gatherings are being utilized to minimize the spread of COVID-19 on DSCR.

We continue to follow guidance from U.S. Northern Command and DLA Headquarters regarding our security posture.  In the area of sanitation and facility cleanliness we are following and adhering to all current Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other applicable guidelines regarding COVID-19. 

DLA Installation Management Richmond’s custodial staff have increased their focus on cleaning common areas, doorknobs, handrails, bathrooms, and ensuring the availability of soap and paper towels in all our facilities.

While DLA Aviation is the biggest organization on DSCR, there are multiple other DLA and non-DLA organizations that utilize programs and services provided by DLA Installation Management Richmond that may be affected. 

We will continue to monitor our programs and make changes as needed with as much advance notice as possible for planning.  The following highlights continued services and any impacts.  These could be effected further by the evolving situation with COVID-19.  We will continue to monitor and make updates and adjustments based on demand and the need to protect our employees and customers.


The Bettye Ackerman-Cobb Child Development Center (CDC) is closed until further notice.


Outdoor Recreation, located in Building 24, Room 112, is closed until further notice.

Tickets & More, located in the Ops Center, Building 46, Room 189, is closed until further notice.

Antler Inn Lodging is closed until further notice.

The RV Campground is closed until further notice.


The Fitness Center, located at the Community Center (Building S-27) adjacent to Antler Inn Lodging, is closed until further notice. 

Group fitness classes and sports events will remain unavailable until further notice in response to COVID-19.


The North Gate (off of Strathmore Road) will remain open as the primary access gate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The East Gate (located on Jefferson Davis Highway) will remain closed until further notice.

The Trusted Traveler Program is currently suspended.

Employees arriving at the gates should hold their CAC/DBIDS card up to the driver’s window with the barcode visible to the police officer to scan it. Be prepared to turn the ID over for the officer to inspect the photograph. If the officer cannot read the card with the scanner, he/she will ask the driver to roll down the window and extend the card outside the window. The officer will again scan the barcode without touching the ID to minimize contact while attempting to maximize physical distance.

Van pool riders can expect to physically provide the Police Officers at the gates their Identification Cards for inspections, and officers will have to be able to look inside the vehicle to validate IDs and passengers. Officers will be wearing masks/face coverings while engaged in this screening process to maximize the safety of van passengers.


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