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ODR RV Storage


ATTENTION:Outdoor Recreation (Building 24, Room 112) is closed until further notice in response to COVID-19.

Outdoor Recreation Hours of Operation

Monday, Thursday & Friday | 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 

Closed on Weekends and All Federal Holidays

(804) 279-1094

The MWR RV/Boat Storage Lot is accessible 24 hours a day, everyday that the installation is open. We have three permanent fenced in storage lots with spaces for Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, Cars and Trucks. The size of available spaces vary up to 40ft. If you would like to sign up for the waitlist contact us.


  • All vehicles must maintain current registration status
  • Current payment status is the responsibility of the user(s)


Under 25ft Storage Cost

Over 25ft Storage Cost

Length of Stay

**Active Duty/Retiree - $40 Active Duty/Retiree- $45 1-Month
**Active Duty/Retiree - $220 Active Duty/Retiree - $250 6-Months
**Active Duty/Retiree - $440 Active Duty/Retiree - $50012-Months
**DoD Authorized Patrons - $45 DoD Authorized Patrons- $50 1-Month
**DoD Authorized Patrons - $250DoD Authorized Patrons - $2806-Months
**DoD Authorized Patrons - $500 DoD Authorized Patrons - $56012-Months

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Outdoor Recreation is in Building 24 formerly known as the "Roundhouse" located on 8th Street (behind Parker Pond). If you have questions contact, (804) 279-1094