Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Red Brick Fitness Center

DSCR | Building 32 | F & G Bays

Monday - Friday | 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Saturday | 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Closed Sundays and All Federal Holidays

(804) 279-3371

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Last Updated February 5, 2024

  • Reservations are not required.  However, key tags and/or a log will be used to track patrons and personnel entering the Fitness Center.
  • Locker rooms, restrooms, showers, steam rooms, saunas, and water fountains are available for use.
  • Until the DLA Aviation Operations Center Phase II construction is complete, the route highlighted in yellow below is recommended for all Red Brick Fitness Center patrons.  The closest handicap parking spaces to the Fitness Center are located in Lot 27.  The pedestrian path marked in red is closed and barriers have been added to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the construction site.

Building 32 Parking Update


MWR's Red Brick Fitness Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond is a brand new 40,000+ sq. ft. facility featuring:

  • Weight and cardio room with full line of free weights, weight-plated equipment, state of the art cardio-respiratory equipment, and ceiling mounted TVs
  • Racquetball court with seated viewing area
  • Basketball / volleyball court with motorized gym divider and bleachers
  • Multi-purpose room with cycling bikes and a Wellbeats system
  • Aerobics room with ballet barre
  • Locker rooms with daily and long-term lockers, showers, steam rooms, and saunas
  • Air-conditioning and oversized fans throughout
  • Speaker system playing music throughout

Fitness Lockers (2)LOCKER RENTALS

MWR accepts applications for locker rentals in person at the Red Brick Fitness Center.  You may complete the Locker Rental Form in advance and bring it along with your valid government ID card.  For individuals that do not require a long-term locker rental, daily use lockers will be available, but for security purposes please bring your own lock.

299013189_7841083322632160_5957266403783427514_nKEY TAGS

Red Brick Fitness Center patrons can sign up for a key tag for instant paperless sign in to the facility. For a new key tag, bring your CAC, DoD ID card, or DA Form 1602 to the fitness center front desk. If you still have your key tag from the previous fitness center, it can be reactivated in the system at the current fitness center front desk.


Patron eligibility and identification is based on Army Regulation 215–1, Chapter 7. Authorized patrons include:

  • Active-duty military personnel
  • Reserve component and National Guard members
  • DoD civilian employees
  • Coast Guard civilians
  • Retirees and the dependents of the aforementioned categories
  • Contract personnel who work full time on DSCR

Proofs of eligibility include:

  • Common access card for active-duty military personnel, Selected Reserve, Department of Defense civilian employees, and other eligible personnel
  • Identification cards for retired military personnel, family members, reserve personnel, and other eligible personnel
  • DA Form 1602 for current and retired Department of the Army civilian employees and family members