Reserving the Barn

One of the responsibilities of MWR is to reserve the "Barn" Community Center on the Defense Supply Center Richmond. This facility can be utilized for meetings, conferences, presentations and work and other community functions.

MWR is now only responsible for reserving the Barn (T-27) and all reservations must be made through Reserve It. The reservation responsibilty of the Jolly Elk Rooms, McKeever Auditorium and Building 70 have all been relinquished.
Landing page
After copying the link to the Reserve It the page above is the first screen that will appear. Click the Green OK button at the bottom of the page.

On the login page you must enter your Login ID which is the same as your 7-digit DLA user ID. Then enter your password. **If you are a first time use you must select forgot password. If your user ID comes back as invalid then you must contact J6 to remedy this issue before moving forward.

You must choose a selection for each line item using the drop downs prior to being able to complete your reservation. Region / Location / Facility

After making each selection you will get to the "Floor" line item for which you must select T-27 highlighted in blue in the image above in order to secure the Barn. Then you can proceed to make selections for Category / Type / Date / Time. If the search turns up no results then it means the resource is unavailable for the date and time you selected.

CATERING: This facility is eligible for catering through MWR please contact either Ursula Hickox (804) 279-2344 or Nelson Mayes (804) 279-3351

Reservations are managed by Outdoor Recreation (804) 279-1094. Contact for any issues or questions regarding your reservation selection.

  • All reservations should be made by the end user looking to secure the facility
  • Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis
  • All conflicts must be resolved by the user as MWR does not bump others to accommodate requests

All technical questions or issues must be coordinated through our J6 office 1(855) 352-0001


Due to the required permissions associated with the meeting location; the "Reserve Now" link may only accessible from Government issued computers.

Training guides and videos are available via the Reserve-It FAQ: 

For “Reserve It” Program assistance, please contact the SPOE/help desk.

For “Reserve It” questions/concerns please send an email to DSCR Reserve-It Questions -