Your MWR Team

 Morale, Welfare and Recreation organization recognizes the need to invest and develop programs that will increase productivity, enhance retention of a highly qualified workforce, decrease the conflict between work and family responsibilities, develop partnerships and create teams to ensure mission success. MWR Richmond programs support over 3,500 military and civilian who are apart of the Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) community.

Ursula Hickox
Ursula Hickox
MWR Chief
(804) 279-2344
Building 24 Room 119

Will Marjenhoff
Will Marjenhoff
Business & Recreation Chief
(804) 929-3519
Building 24

Pamela Macklin
Financial Manager
(804) 279-4258
Building 24 Room 117

Nelson E. Mayes 
Business Manager, Food & Beverage 
(804) 279-4743 
Building 46 (Ops Center)

Casey Chapman 
CDC Director 
(804) 279-2910
Building 100

Zamora Brinkley 
CDC Assistant Director
(804) 279-3018
Building 100

Lamar Denno 
Marketing Manager
(804) 279-5235
Building 24 Room 112