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Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) provides programs and services designed to foster readiness, and enhance the lives of Warfighters, families, civilians and retirees and other eligible patrons. Our work is vital to DLA, America’s combat logistics support agency that is solution oriented, efficient, and resilient. MWR employees strive to deliver the highest quality programs and services that range from Business Operations, Child and Youth Programs, Family Advocacy, Recreation Programs, Sports and Fitness activities, and more. Our programs relieve stress, build strength and resilience, and help the DLA workforce stay physically, mentally, and financially fit. MWR Richmond’s core focus is to provide a variety of services and events for eligible patrons who work or live near the Defense Supply Center Richmond, VA . Whether you are looking for a place to workout, eat, host a conference or a special event, enroll a child in our nationally accredited child care, rent outdoor equipment, we are the place for you and your family.

DLA Richmond Workforce Composition

  • Total Population 4,065
  • Active Duty - 1%
  • National Guard Reservist - 11%
  • Government Employees - 44% Civilian / 33% Retiree
  • Contractors - 8%
  • Tenant Employees - 3%

MWR Guiding Principles

  • MWR supports effectiveness, and readiness
  • MWR supports retention and recruitment of quality personnel
  • MWR provides both leisure time activities and the resources to fulfill the needs of an active lifestyle
  • MWR programs are designed to meet the needs of the community. This includes Service members, retirees, civilian employees and Families
  • MWR program is customer driven organization
  • Promotes and maintains the mental and physical well being of authorized personnel

MWR Organization Goals

  • Provide the leadership to implement the corporate vision, policy and direction for all MWR programs
  • Deliver innovative programs and service that support Well-Being, build customer loyalty, and exceed their expectations in quality and value
  • Recruit, develop, and sustain a professional and cohesive workforce
  • Acquire, maintain and effectively manage MWR resources
  • Improve internal and external support services and relationships
For more information please contact the Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) information line (804) 279-3861.