Sports & Fitness

Fitness Centers

Physical fitness is a cornerstone of readiness and resilience.  DLA emphasizes the importance of high levels of physical capability for the occupational tasks that Warfighters are required to perform by designating this program Category A, Mission sustaining.  Physical Fitness facilities, their activities and services, develop the strength and fitness of Warfighters and the general health of the military community.  Fitness programs provide Warfighters, DoD civilians, Family members and retirees demand driven opportunities to combat stress, enhance general physical fitness and contribute to overall wellness.

Fitness Centers facilitate both directed and self-directed physical training, conditioning and recreation opportunities.  

Facilities typically include:

  • Exercise and aerobic classes
  • Strength training rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor running tracks
  • Basketball, racquetball and tennis courts
  • Locker Rooms

Intramural Sports

Participate in a variety of sports programs, both individual and team sports. All MWR patrons can participate in a sports program and opportunities also exist for your family members. Organize a flag football team, win your sites’ annual softball tournament or coach a sports team.  

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and to bounce back from adversity. The Workforce Resiliency Program provides specific mental and physical resilience techniques that increase physical, emotional, social, spiritual and family strengths through a program of continuous self-development. Through Resiliency, you have the skills to grow personally, succeed in your job, thrive in your community and grow within your Family.