Indoor Walking Course

HQC Indoor Walking Map

Even if the weather is cold and rainy or hot and humid, you can get your exercise- and reach your step goal- by walking inside the McNamara Headquarters Complex. Use this map and start walking! The starting and finishing point is the HQC Fitness Center (HQC FC). The total course is equal to two miles. The course is as follows:

  • From the starting point, follow the arrows.
  • Walk each floor and use the "Pod A" stairwells to advance to the next floor
  • Complete the 4th floor pathway, and use the stairwell at the end of pod A to walk back to the finishing point.

You can shorten the walking course to start with a half mile and gradually progress to walking two miles. I¼ trip around each floor (except the basement level) is equal to approximately ½ mile. However, if you walk the suggested marked course from start to finish you will complete two miles.

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HQC Walking Map. Put on your sneakers and walk.