The Defense Logistics Agency operated child care programs use the Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum and Gold Assessment program as the basis for their curriculum. Classroom teachers also augment the curriculum with materials and classroom activities found in the multiple teaching resources provided in the staff library. Training and Curriculum Specialists assist classroom teachers in selecting developmentally/age appropriate lessons and materials for use in the classrooms. 

The McNamara Headquarters Complex Child Development Center offers a kindergarten prep curriculum specifically designed to prepare your child to meet kindergarten readiness standards of the local school districts.  The pre-kindergarten teachers work collaboratively with local school district kindergarten specialists to ensure that the curriculum includes the skills that children need to have a successful kindergarten experience.


The following skills are emphasized: listening skills, being able to follow two-to three-step directions, knowing how to take turns and make choices, basic self-help skills, and fine-motor skills, such as holding and controlling a pencil and scissors.  Being emotionally ready for school is also very important for school success. Helping your child to identify and regulate their emotions, and feel good about themselves and others, are important school-readiness skills. Play is an essential part of the kindergarten day and is balanced with academics. Play is an important part of young children’s social-emotional development. Children engage in rich and varied play experiences to help them learn to become responsible and confident participants in the classroom. Play encourages them to explore, investigate, create, think, and problem solve, and promotes their cognitive and language skills.


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