DSCC-MWR Reopening Phases



Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the DLA guidelines for re-opening our facilities. We have received many questions about when and how our facilities will re-open, and we share your eagerness to resume normal operations.

As we see local businesses begin to re-open, we want to remind our customers that, although reopening decisions are informed by local conditions, DSCC-MWR must follow DLA guidance driven by our local Commander when determining reopening dates and strategies. Please see the phased reopening plan below, which outlines when each of our MWR facilities will begin to open.


The Defense Supply Center Columbus is currently in:  PHASE 0 with active Stay-at-Home Advisory.

Please note, if upward trajectories of local COVID-19 cases are observed or medical facilities become significantly burdened by the treatment of individuals who have contracted COVID-19, it is likely the HPCON level will be increased and facilities may temporarily close again.


Facilities OPEN in Phase 0 During Stay-at-Home Advisory:


Facilities OPEN in Phase 0:


Facilities OPEN in Phase 1:


Facilities OPEN/OPENING in Phase 2:

Facilities OPEN/OPENING in Phase 3:


Please note:  this information is subject to change.  Please check back regularly for updated information.