Note to MWR Customers about Re-Opening

Hello MWR Customers!

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the new DLA guidelines for re-opening our facilities. We have received many questions about when and how our facilities will re-open, and we share your eagerness to resume normal operations.

As we see local businesses begin to re-open, we want to remind our customers that, although reopening decisions are informed by local conditions, DSCC-MWR must follow DLA guidance driven by our local Commander when determining reopening dates and strategies. As stated by the Secretary of Defense, “Commanders, in consultation with their medical leadership, shall exercise their authority by making deliberate, risk-based decisions to change HPCON levels as conditions allow (…). These decisions must be informed by local conditions based on public health surveillance data; guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; collaboration with State, territorial, and local authorities; and advice from the command Public Health Emergency Officer and local military medical treatment facility (MTF).” Commanders may set HPCON levels that are more stringent than surrounding community requirements based on mission and other risk considerations.

According to our most recent guidance, most DSCC-MWR Facilities remain closed until we reach HPCON B (Phase 2), at which time we can begin the process of re-opening using precautionary measures.

*NEW* Visit our Reopening Phases page for a list of phased reopening plans.

Please note, if upward trajectories of local COVID-19 cases are observed or medical facilities become significantly burdened by the treatment of individuals who have contracted COVID-19, it is likely the HPCON level will be increased and facilities may temporarily close again.

We recommend keeping a close eye on our website and following us on Facebook to receive the most up-to-date information on the status of our Facilities.

In the meantime, our virtual resources will carry on!

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