Take a Tour of Our New Website

Welcome to the new dsccmwr.com!

We are very excited to introduce you to the layout and features of our new website. Check out some of our new features:

  • DefenseMWR.com:  DefenseMWR.com is the home of all 6 DLA-MWR websites--Columbus, Battle Creek, Fort Belvior, Richmond, Susquehanna and San Joaquin.  You can visit this parent page by clicking DefenseMWR.com at the top of any page, or by clicking "Home" on the breadcrumbs on any subpage (Note: if you wish to stay on the DSCC-MWR/Columbus site, do not use the "Home" link on the breadcrumbs; always choose "Columbus".

Home-Columbus Breadcrumbs

  • Home Page Slider:  this interactive home page slideshow is the place to find important information, new specials and other big promotions.  Click the small squares to rotate through all slides, and remember any red boxes are links to more information!

Home-Columbus Slider

  • Upcoming Events:  look here for all DSCC-MWR upcoming events.  You can click the red box arrows to scroll through events, or click "View All Events" to see all current and future events.  To see a traditional calendar view of our events, click on "Quick Links" from the blue top bar navigation on the top of any page, then click "Events Calendar."

Home-Upcoming Events

  • Off Duty:  located at the bottom of the home page, check out these news stories from our DefenseMWR headquarters, relevant to all DLA sites.
  • Trending Now:  located at the bottom of the home page, this is where you'll find local news and information from DSCC-MWR, including adjusted hours of operation, links to special pages, job postings and trending DSCC-MWR news.

Home-Trending Now

  • Stay Connected:  stay connected with us on social media or by signing up for our e-mail list.  Links to all of our social media channels are located at the top and bottom of each page, and email sign up is located at the bottom of each page.

Home-Stay Connected

  • Top Bar Navigation:  easily navigate through our site by choosing pages from our top bar navigation, accessible from any page:

Home-Top Bar Navigation

  • About: under this section you'll find general information pages, including Our Vision and Mission, Contact Us, Eligibility and  information on how to advertise with us.
  • Programs & Services:  here you'll find pages for all of our facilities, programs and services!
  • Rewards:  be sure to check out this section to find our popular Employee Perks page, along with a new Special Offers page, which will showcase active specials from our programs.
  • Partners:  find information about on-base Food Service (cafeterias and food operations), AAFES (The Exchange, Barber Shop, Beauty Salon, food trucks, vendor program), Civilian Welfare (Condolence Requests, CWF Funding Requests) and other DSCC partners.
  • What's New:  find out what's happening now with this list of pages updated in real time, including: The Bite e-newsletter, events calendar, fitness class schedule, Cafe 20 menu and MWR news. 
  • Go Home:  quickly get back to our home page from any page on the site by clicking the MWR logo in the top left corner of any page.  Remember, only choose "Columbus" (not "Home") from the breadcrumbs.
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