30 Day Stair-Master Challenge Registration Ends

October 24, 2018 | 7:00pm | DSCC-MWR Fitness Center
Climb as high as Mt. Everest! Take your cardio-conditioning routine to the next level with our self-monitoring stair climber competition. Log your steps from November 1-30 for a chance to win great prizes! All active participants receive a FREE T-SHIRT!

Participants will log in at the Fitness Center front desk before each Stair-master session.  Steps/times will be logged every time a participant uses the Stair-master, and will be verified by an attendant.  In order to quality as an active participant, partons must log in at least 20 times.

First Place--Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa
Second Place--Fit Bit Charge
Third Place--Gift Card
Fourth Place--Gift Card
Fifth Place--Gift Card

Register here by October 24

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