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2023 Seminars

Mind Body Mental Fitness:  Living Core Values (February 1, 2023)
Mind Body Mental Fitness:  Mindfulness (January 25, 2023)
Mind Body Mental Fitness:  Stress Resilience (January 18, 2023)

2022 Seminars

Elder Abuse:  Hidden Crimes, Hidden Victims Seminar (June 2022)


Introduction to Mind-Body Seminar (May 2022)


Running 101 Seminar (March 2022)


Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships Seminar (February 2022)


Drop the Pounds Workshop (January 2022)


Creating Calmness Workshop (January 2022)

2021 Seminars


DECEMBER 2021: Holiday Crafting Workshops

NOVEMBER 2021: A Parent's Guide to TikTok Challenges

2020 Seminars


DECEMBER 2020: Holiday Crafting Workshops

JUNE 2020: DoD Vacationing with Discounts Seminar

APRIL 2020:  Eco Promises in Your Garden Workshops

FEBRUARY 2020: Preventing Abuse in Teen Relationships Seminar

JANUARY 2020: Nutrition for the New Year Seminar

2019 Seminars

2018 Seminars

2018 Seminar Memories

2017 Seminars