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Join our Outdoor Recreation Manager, Darren Wagner, for this virtual journey to parks and trails around Ohio.  Every other Friday, we'll post a photo...then you guess where he's at!  Share your guess with us on our DSCC-MWR Facebook page for a chance to win 25% off at our Rental Center.*   The following Friday, we'll post the answer, plus an insightful blog about the park or trail, right here on our website.  

Our hope is that you'll be inspired to take a journey of your own to explore these beautiful parks and trails in our home state.



Park #3: 2/19/2021

Answer: Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve



This week’s adventure takes us back to the northern regions of Hocking Hills. Just a short drive north off Route 33 near Hide-Away-Hills Resort, Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve will give you a unique picturesque experience. We had our access permit required by the ODNR ready to go, hiking boots laced up, and our Camelbaks filled up. We found our designated permit parking spot just off one of the winding treelined country roads. Something seemed off. We looked around, no other cars, no signs, just a simple two spot gravel parking lot. I was briefed all week we will be doing some decent hiking trails with a waterfall at the end of the trail, not quite the case. We had our dessert first!   Just across the street we hopped the guard rail to a small hidden staircase leading us down to a railed overlook just above a small creek bed. A bit confused how we made it to the end already, we weren’t disappointed. Looking down from the railing we saw the small waterfall and unique rock formations cut into the Creekside. We needed a closer look. We ducked under the railing and found a safe way down to the creek bed (not recommended). There we crisscrossed are way back and forth across the creek over to the falls, taking pictures along the way. As we got closer to the falls, we got a better idea of how unique and special this small waterfall is. The dark shades of blue in the creek seem to never end, leaving you to wonder and appreciate the power of mother nature. We traversed our way back up to the car to figure out where we went wrong. Come to find out, just down the street you have multiple options of different trail heads to hike this beautiful nature preserve. We hopped on the trail at the North Trailhead and began our trek. This trail gives you multiple options for all levels of hiking. The trails take you thru multiple different habitats, giving you a diverse experience at every turn. 3-4 miles later, possibly getting a bit lost because of my right turn at the fork, we looped back to the car, ending our adventure.   Although our experience was a bit different than planned, we enjoyed everything Boch Hollow has to offer. The waterfall began our adventure and gave us a taste of what our hike eventually gave to us. I highly recommend making the trip down and enjoying this nature preserve. Only 45 minutes from downtown Columbus, the unique falls and diverse hiking trails will not disappoint.


Park #1:  1/22/21

Alum Creek Trail

Correct Guesses:  0

73 KB

Park #2:  2/5/21

Ash Cave Fire Tower, Ash Cave Hiking Trail, Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Correct Guesses:  2

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