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NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS:  Although ITR is currently closed, we want you to know we are here to support our customers with any questions or concerns. We can offer updates and information on theme park and destination closures and extensions. We are working closely with our customers, the Military Ticketing Office and most theme parks to come up the best solution for any issues. Best ways to get answers now:

  1. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page(ticket refunds).
  2. Feel free to email us at for assistance.
  3. Visit our Reopening Phases page for additional MWR Facility information.

Our Information, Ticketing & Registration (ITR) Gift Shop specializes in small gifts for family, friends and co-workers.

Our ITR also offers active duty/reserve/retired military, civilian personnel and their immediate family members discounted tickets to national/local attractions, events and shows. Visit ITR Tickets & Travel Page.


ITR Gift Shop

  • NEW Balloons Online!:  CLICK HERE shop our extensive collection of balloons and balloon bouquets.
  • Celebrate Special Occasions with balloon bouquets, greeting cards (only $1.50!), small gifts, candles, lotions, home art, ornaments, games, jewelry, drinkware, reusable gift bags, streamers.
  • Show Your DLA/DFAS/Military Pride with a variety of logoed items including apparel, blankets, hats, portfolios, glassware.
  • It's the Little Things you need to make work-life work, including electronic accessories and convenience items including hats/gloves, umbrellas, ice scrapers, lint rollers, flashlights, reading glasses, batteries, stamps, hand sanitizers, pain/cold relief, lanyards, notebooks, pens and more!

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Jewelry Lanyards
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Patriotic Items
Planters, Frames & More
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