Ride to Wellness Bike Share Program



Join the bike share movement!  Check out one of our free MWR Ride to Wellness Bikes today and experience a boost in your attitude, focus and overall wellness.  Bikes are available May - October.

Check Out Locations

Check out and return bikes at either location!

  • MWR Fitness Center
  • MWR ITR Office in Building 20

How to Use Ride to Wellness

  • Ride on specified installation bike routes for your DLA Wellness Hour.
  • Ride to and/or from the Fitness Center as a warm up and cool down for your workout.
  • Ride to meetings on the installation, alone or as a group.  It's a fun team building activity!

Safety Tips

  • Obey all traffic laws.  Bicycles are vehicles; "drive" your bike accordingly.
  • Ride with traffic.
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet.
  • Before riding, always check the tires and brakes.
  • Signal turns.
  • Ride respectfully--single file, allowing cars to pass when it is safe.
  • Be predictable--don't pass stopped or moving cars on the right.
  • Wear something light and bright, such as a yellow or orange reflective vest.
  • Respect pedestrians, do not ride on sidewalks.
  • Do not ride in the "door zone" to avoid getting hit by a parked car's opening door.

Rules and Restrictions

  • MWR Ride to Wellness Bicycles are not authorized to go off the Installation, and must remain on the Installation at all times.  If you are interested in renting a bike to use off Installation, check out our Rental Center.
  • Bicycles may be checked out for a maximum of 1 hour during normal business hours.
  • Patrons must return bikes to the original location.
  • Riders must obey Installation traffic laws.  Bikes are not permitted on sidewalks or grass areas.  See bike route maps available at checkout.
  • If a mechanical issue occurs (flat tire, broken chair, etc.), please call (614) 692-3084 for assistance (contact information is located on the bikes).
  • Use of cell phones, smart devices, head phones or other listening devices is prohibited while using bicycles.  This does NOT include hearing aids.
  • Bicyclists need to wear protective/reflective equipment, including a reflective vest or belt (reflective vests are available for use at checkout) and helmet (patrons must bring their own helmets). 
  • Fully enclosed shoes must be worn while using bicycles.
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