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WOW -- Workout Wednesdays

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    Give our AMRAP a try (As Many Reps As Possible) -- a time-based training focused on completing as many repetitions of exercises as possible. This dynamic approach to fitness can be tailored to all needs and abilities.
  • WOW! Total Body Super Set

    Join Rio and DSCC Firemen for this fun and challenging workout that will keep you consistently engaged. The goal is to perform sets of 2 exercises back-to-back to keep your heart rate up and your body moving!
  • WOW! ViPR

    An introduction to ViPR, Vitality, Performance & Reconditioning, a resistance and mobility training tool to challenge the body in all panes of motion -- featuring soldiers from the ARCG 10th BN! Don't have a ViPR tube? No problem, we provide modifications so you can do this workout with no equipment!
  • MWR WOW! Interval Training

    Get ready for a series of high-intensity workouts combined with recovery periods. Includes total body moves and compound exercises to work the entire body. This workout challenges all group of muscles during each interval, without subjecting yourself into abject exhaustion or injury. All fitness levels welcome!
  • MWR WOW! Indoor Cycling

    Your cycling cardio challenge is here! Go at your own pace or be challenged by our amazing instructor. We'll tackle hills, sprints and jumps all in one class. Because you can adjust the tension on your bike to fit your level, this cardio workout is suited for ANYONE and EVERYONE with a stationary bike.
  • MWR WOW! Intro to Yoga

    Get started with Yoga! Here, we cover the foundational yoga postures -- aligning, strengthening and promoting flexibility for a healthy body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated.
  • MWR WOW! Active Adults

    Get ready for an excellent class for those of any age, willing and able! Using a set of light weights and a chair, this class is designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and strengthen those with arthritic conditions. This can be modified to accommodate all senior age groups, fitness levels, and also the physically challenged.
  • WOW! The Whole Nine Yards

    The DSCC Firemen join us for a full body workout. This class has every element of fitness: resistance, cardiovascular, balance and coordination. Grab some dumbbells and get ready for a vigorous workout (can be modified for all fitness levels).
  • WOW! Step N' Sweat

    Get your blood pumping with this workout involving the use of step platforms to help improve your card. Grab a set of light and medium weight dumbbells and hit play on your favorite workout playlist for added energy!
  • WOW! Kickboxing II

    Kick it up a level with this quick but effective 3-part kickboxing class. No equipment required, just bring high-energy! Hit play on your favorite workout playlist for added energy!

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