Virtual Workouts

Are you struggling to fit in exercise on your telework days?

Are you in need of an afternoon energy boost?

Do you prefer to workout independently, either at the Fitness Center or at home?

Workout on your own time with MWR Virtual Workouts! Our team of Fitness Trainers post independent workout routines to keep you moving everyday, even on your telework days…and check out our MWR Video Tele-Workouts.  Just hit play and one of our Fitness Center Trainers will take you through a full cardio and strength workout from start to finish!  NEW, check out our Daily WODs and FacebookLIVE Fitness Classes and OnDemand Virtual Classes.


FacebookLIVE Fitness Classes

Workout with us LIVE everyday.  Interact with our Fitness Instructors in real-time!

Please note:  due to recent COVID-19 guidance, we will not be able to host our regularly scheduled FacebookLIVE Fitness Classes. 


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OnDemand Virtual Classes

Please note:  at this time, YouTube (platform used for OnDemand Virtual Classes) is blocked on the DLA Network.  Videos can be viewed on personal computers and devices.

WODs (workout of the day)

Title Type Size
WOD 5-22-20 - Pilates Series, Leg Circles (Beginner) pdf 248 KB Download
WOD 5-21-20 - Pilates Series, The Saw (Beginner) pdf 327 KB Download
WOD 5-20-20 - Pilates Series, Double Leg Stretch pdf 341 KB Download
WOD 5-19-20 - Pilates Series, The Criss-Cross (beginner) pdf 362 KB Download
WOD 5-15-20 - Pilates Series, The Roll-Up pdf 324 KB Download
WOD 5-14-20 - Pilates Series, The 100 pdf 265 KB Download
WOD 5-12-20 - Let's Dance pdf 508 KB Download
WOD 5-8-20 - Couch to 5K pdf 554 KB Download
WOD 5-7-20 - Ultimate Legs pdf 172 KB Download
WOD 5-5-20 - Will Workout for Tacos pdf 148 KB Download
WOD 5-5-20 - Destress and Stretch pdf 190 KB Download
WOD 5-4-20 - Perfect 4 pdf 104 KB Download
WOD 5-1-20 - Boxing Workout pdf 286 KB Download
WOD 4-30-20 - 6 Minute Morning Workout pdf 340 KB Download
WOD 4-29-20 - Beginner Walking Plan pdf 220 KB Download
WOD 4-28-20 - 5-10-15-20 Challenge pdf 118 KB Download
WOD 4-27-20 - A-Z Challenge REV pdf 360 KB Download
WOD 4-24-20 - Beginner Arms -- Chair Workout pdf 295 KB Download
WOD 4-23-20 - Healthy Back pdf 241 KB Download
WOD 4-22-20 - Upper Body Tone at Home pdf 131 KB Download
WOD 4-21-20 -Cardio Blast pdf 112 KB Download
WOD 4-20-20 - 100 Challenge pdf 116 KB Download
WOD 4-17-20 - Circuit Training 101 pdf 379 KB Download
WOD 4-16-20 - Yoga Basics pdf 262 KB Download
WOD 4-15-20 - Name Your Workout pdf 292 KB Download
WOD 4-14-20 - Amazing Arms pdf 238 KB Download
WOD 4-13-20--MWR Fit Bingo pdf 365 KB Download
WOD 4-10-20 pdf 130 KB Download
WOD 4-9-20 - Fired Up Abs pdf 74 KB Download
WOD 4-7-20 pdf 194 KB Download
WOD 4-6-20 pdf 34 KB Download
GET UP AND MOVE, April Golf Workout 2020 pdf 184 KB Download
WOD 3-20-20 pdf 123 KB Download
WOD 3-19-20 pdf 95 KB Download
WOD 3-18-20 pdf 131 KB Download

TeleWorkout Archive

Title Type Size
20 Min Lunch Break Workout pdf 903 KB Download
30 Day Push-up Challenge pdf 82 KB Download
30 Day Squat Challenge pdf 101 KB Download
5-4-3-2-1 Workout pdf 53 KB Download
Abs Without Crunches pdf 470 KB Download
All About the Glutes pdf 195 KB Download
Ballet Barre Workout pdf 308 KB Download
Bathing Suit Ready Workout pdf 202 KB Download
Bye Bye Arm Jiggle Workout pdf 1595 KB Download
Core Sculpting pdf 352 KB Download
Foam Roller Exercises pdf 184 KB Download
Full Body Circuit Workout with Weights pdf 125 KB Download
Full Body Rock You Like A Hurricane Workout pdf 1002 KB Download
Lower Body Stretch and Strength pdf 199 KB Download
Sculpt a Better Backside pdf 181 KB Download
Tank Top Triceps pdf 876 KB Download
Tens Workout pdf 177 KB Download
Turkish Get Up Instructions pdf 104 KB Download
Yoga For Happy Hips pdf 62 KB Download
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