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Moving is a part of life for Service Members, Civilian Employees and their Families. The DSCC-MWR Relocation Readiness Program is here to help with a comprehensive support system, whether it’s your first move or the last of many. We have all kinds of information and resources to help you and your family navigate your next move.

General Relocation Resources

  • Military Installations: Researching your new installation is easy with the web page Military Installations. Military Installations is an index of installations worldwide with listings for all of the information and services you need when moving to a new location. It can be a great way to “know” your new location before you arrive and have the information on those key services you’ll need before and upon arriving.
  • Plan My Move: Once your research is complete let the Plan My Move web page help you get organized.  This web page organizes all of your family specific information and designs a calendar to make sure everything is done before the packers arrive.  It generates a list of important documents to hand carry, tasks to be completed and your calendar so you can post it for everyone to see.  And if you haven’t received a sponsor, there is a link to request a sponsor at your new location.
  • Defense Travel Management Office:
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