Civilian Welfare Authorized Programs and Activities

Examples of Authorized Programs and Activities for the Civilian Welfare Fund

  • Intramural athletics and sports; participation in industrial leagues of the civilian community.
  • Group activities serving special recreational, social, hobby, or occupational interests of limited numbers of employees. Opportunity for participation must be extended to all interested employees. In addition to continuing groups, some groups may be organized on a one-time or temporary basis for a particular purpose, such as tours, game attendance, or entertainment events.
  • Contests for awards and prizes in conjunction with programmed MWR activities, subject to the conditions in AR215-1. Awards and prizes will not exceed a value of $50 for individual awards and $200 for team awards, except upon prior approval of the BDACWF.
  • Social activities, such as dances, parties, and picnics, except that no Category IV NAF’s may be expended for the purchase and subsequent resale or giving of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with these activities.
  • Participation in installation-wide events. These may be patriotic, historical, cultural, or of similar themes.
  • Circulation libraries. (Books, magazines, and other reading material purchased by a CWF are the property of that fund.)
  • Expressions of thoughtfulness, sympathy, or condolence to an employee or a member of his or her immediate family in the event of a serious illness or death.
  • Expenditures for an individual occasion will not exceed $50 or be in the form of cash. These expressions are not considered as a prohibited personal gift and may include donations to religious, charitable, or similar organizations designated by the family. Immediate family members are defined as; Mother, Father, Spouse or Children.
  • Official hosting and representation.

Activities Specifically Prohibited

  • Funding support of private organizations on DA and Defense Agency installations. These include federally sanctioned, affiliated, or local and independent private organizations.
  • Continuing resale, revenue-generating activities more properly within the purview of Category II PR NAFI’s. Other services include, but are not limited to, the resale of foodstuff items, or facilities considered competitive with the food services mission of the civilian restaurant, such as microwave ovens in employee lounges or rest areas.
  • Programs and activities, other than civilian MWR activities, authorized to be conducted or funded with APF’s, such as installation beautification, maintenance of grounds, non-MWR awards. 
  • Gifts, gratuities, or special benefits to an individual or group, including greeting cards on special occasions. Mass giveaways to an employee or employees, such as gift items of merchandise, for private, personal use are prohibited. The awarding, giving or drawing for door prizes is prohibited.
  • Participation in or support by the NAFI of charity drives and cooperative endeavors such as mutual aid, employee insurance, or death benefit associations, other than authorized DA NAFI employee benefit programs. Such monetary participation is considered to be a private, personal matter of individual decision. (Condolence contributions are allowed as noted above.)
  • Selling lottery cards, sometimes termed as break-open bingo or jar bingo. Such cards are prohibited for sale or any other use by a civilian NAFI. Neither this nor any other form of lottery or game of chance, to include raffles, is authorized.
  • DOD and other civilian employees working on or logistically supported by the installation, and their dependents. Equal priority will be accorded employees of both tenant and host units. A civilian employee is defined as: A civilian person employed by DOD or another Federal agency located on or serviced by a DOD installation, and compensated from either APF’s or NAF’s. Specifically excluded are employees of DOD contractors.
  • Active duty uniformed personnel, their dependents and members of the Reserve components while on inactive duty for training (IADT, Uniformed military personnel retired with pay and their dependents).
  • Un-remarried former spouses and other dependents entitled to commissary, exchange, and theater privileges.
  • Retired DOD employees and their dependents (official identification cards, badges, or locally approved identification procedures will be used to verify eligibility and relative priority).