DSCC-MWR 1-Year Access Registration Form


Before You Begin

You must complete all fields on this page and click the red "submit" button at the bottom BEFORE attending your Pass & ID Appointment in order to receive your DSCC-MWR 1-Year Access Badge.

Schedule a Pass & ID Appointment

Visit https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator to make an appointment.  Appointment must be at the DSCC.  Please schedule out at least 4 business days from today to allow for processing time.

Register in DBIDS

Visit https://dbids-global-enroll.dmdc.mil/preenrollui/#!/ to obtain your 6-digit DBIDS number.

Please note:  if you are registering for an Eagle Eye Golf Course 1-Year Access Pass, please use the following "Sponsor" information (all others must use valid Sponsor information):

  • Sponsor Name:  Eagle Eye Golf Course
  • Sponsor Email:  eagle.eye.golf.course@dla.mil
  • Sponsor Phone Number:  (614) 692-2075

*Must provide proof of Sponsor's retirement (SF-50, DA3434, DD214).  Instructions will be emailed to your Sponsor to verify.

**Must provide a DoD email address for your sponsor below.

email must be a ".mil" address for current Military or DoD Civilian

Sponsor Verification

Please verify DoD Sponsor Status above is correct, and that you understand that intentionally falsifying this information may result in applicable consequences.

Please verify DoD Sponsor Status:
Note:  make sure you enter CAPTCHA code below exactly as seen (including capitalization) to assure form is processed.