DSCC-MWR Family Member ID Card


Family Members (ages 16+) of DSCC Associates and Military are authorized to apply for a DSCC-MWR Family Member ID Card, which provides access to MWR Facilities within the Defense Supply Center Columbus, including the Fitness Center, Eagle Eye Golf Course, Outdoor Recreation (Rental Center, RV Storage Lot & Buckeye Lodge) and ITR Tickets & Travel (ITR subject to additional eligibility requirements).  For Child Development Center eligibility, please visit our CDC Page.

DSCC Eligible "Family Members"

  1. Spouse, and parents thereof
  2. Sons and daughters (ages 16+), and spouses thereof
  3. Parents, and spouses thereof
  4. Brothers and sisters, and spouses thereof
  5. Grandparents and grandchildren, and spouses thereof
  6. Domestic partners, and parents thereof, including domestic partners of any individual in 1 through 5 of this definition
  7. Any individual related by blood or affinity whose close association with the employee is the equivalent of a family relationship


To submit for your DSCC-MWR Family Member 1-Year Access Pass, please carefully follow the instructions below.   Please be aware that you will be subject to a background check before you are issued an access pass.



In order for your badge to be processed, you MUST complete steps one, two & three below in order BEFORE you go to your Pass & ID Appointment.

Step One: Family Member Schedules a Pass & ID Appointment

Visit the link below to schedule an appointment with Pass & ID.  Make sure to select Defense Supply Center Columbus as your appointment site (search by zip code 43213).  You must complete Steps 2 & 3 prior to attending your appointment.  Note your appointment date for Steps 2 & 3.

Schedule Pass & ID Appointment Here

Important!  Be sure to complete Steps Two & Three BEFORE attending your appointment.

Step Two: Family Member Registers in DBIDS

Visit the link below to pre-register for your Family Member 1-Year Access Pass.  You will receive a 6-digit confirmation number, which will be needed in Step Three.

register in DBIDS HERE

Step Three: Family Member Registers with MWR

Immediately after Step Two, fill out and submit the form in the link below in order to register with DSCC-MWR (this step must be completed before you go to your appointment).


Step Four: Obtain Access Pass & Confirmation

Once you have received your Family Member 1-Year Access Pass at your Pass & ID appointment, you are good to go!  We can't wait to see you!