Eligibility and Access


We are proud to support military service members, families, retirees and civilians at the Defense Supply Center Columbus and surrounding communities.

Eligibility Category A

All of our programs and services are open to the following:

  • Active Duty or Family Member* of an Active Duty Service Member
  • Retired Military or Family Member* of Retired Military
  • National Guardsman or Family Member* of a National Guardsman
  • Reservist or Family Member* of a Reservist
  • Current DoD Civilian Employee or Family Member* of a Dod Civilian Employee
  • Retired DoD Civilian Employee or Family Member* of a Dod Civilian Employee +
  • Visiting DLA Federal Employee or Family Member* of a visiting DLA Federal Employee
  • Veteran's with 100% service-connected disability, honorably discharged
  • Any other category identified in Army Regulation 215-1

+ IMPORTANT: the DoD no longer issues ID cards for DoD Civilian Retirees.  DoD Civilian Retirees must now gain access to the DSCC Installation using a REAL ID Act-compliant driver's licenses.

*Family Member Definition & Eligibility

The DSCC defines the following as a "family member" as it relates to installation access:
  1. Spouse, and parents thereof
  2. Sons and daughters (ages 16+), and spouses thereof
  3. Parents, and spouses thereof
  4. Brothers and sisters, and spouses thereof
  5. Grandparents and grandchildren, and spouses therof
  6. Domestic partners, and parents thereof, including domestic partners of any individual in 1-5 of this definition.
  7. Any individual related by blood or affinity whose close association with the employee is the equivalent of a family relationship.
This Family Member Policy entitles authorized patrons to use the following basic MWR services:  Fitness Center; Eagle Eye Golf Course; Outdoor Recreation (Rental Center, RV Storage Log, Buckeye Lodge); Information, Tickets and Registration (ITR, subject to additional eligibility requirements).  For Child Development Center eligibility, please visit our CDC Page.

To request a Family Member Access Pass:

Click Here

Eligibility Category B:  VHIC Card Holders

Some of our MWR Programs & Services are open to Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) holders.  These include:
  • Buckeye Lodge
  • Eagle Eye Golf Course
  • ITR Tickets  & Travel
  • Rental Center
  • RV Storage Lot

(excludes access to Fitness Center, Sports Program, Child Development Center and Family Services)

Learn more about VHIC:

Eligibility Category C:  Public Access

Civilians not associated with the Defense Supply Center Columbus are now able to receive an Eagle Eye Golf Course 1-Year Access Pass!

Please be aware that you must submit all required forms and will be subject to a background check before you are issued an access pass.

To request a Eagle Eye Golf Course 1-Year Access Pass:


Fitness Center Guest Policy

There is a limit of two guests per authorized patron at the Fitness Center. A guest must be accompanied by an authorized patron while utilizing the Fitness Center.


Do all Veterans have access to MWR Programs?

Yes, with limitations.  Please see Eligibility Categories to find your specific level of eligibility.   Veterans who do not fall under Eligibility Category A or B do not have access to most MWR Programs, but do have access to Eagle Eye Golf Course -- see Eligibility Category C.