Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising


DSCC-MWR partners with commercial businesses to enhance recreational and leisure activities for our workforce of more than 8,000 and their families, while increasing awareness of the sponsor’s product and services. These activities not only promote fitness and esprit de corps, but also improve the quality of life of our installation community. 

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The Defense Supply Center Columbus is buzzing with renewed energy as our employees return to the physical workspace!  After a period of increased telework, our workforce is back onsite.  It’s the perfect time to engage in this excitement and reach a target audience that’s primed for discovery.

Elevate your brand and create a lasting impression with Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring one or more of our special events can be a powerful marketing boost for your business, weaving in benefits like increased brand awareness and engagement, targeted lead generation, and positive brand association. Our event attendees actively seek information and experiences, making them receptive to sponsors who showcase their brand in creative ways. Through logo exposure, product demonstrations, and/or interactive activations, your business becomes part of the event's energy, forging connections with a relevant audience and generating valuable leads.

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Build trust and brand loyalty while supporting our community with Advertising

Advertising your business with a military installation like the DSCC provides unique benefits. Supporting the military through advertising builds trust and fosters brand loyalty, creating a customer base that appreciates your commitment to their community. We have a variety of dedicated advertising spaces that allow you to reach your target audience directly and effectively, whether you are trying to reach active-duty military, families, retirees or DoD civilians.

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Benefits of Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising

  • Face-to-face contact with the military and DoD civilian market.
  • Installation-wide events, festivals, promotions, family programs and entertainment.
  • Advertising distributed across Defense Supply Center Columbus.
  • Generate good will and positive relationships.
  • Improve or create brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Drive business through your doors with distribution of gift certificates, coupons and promotional material.

By sponsoring one or more of our events, you can have your company’s name and logo on all event advertising and publicity. We have a range of successful, proven tactics for implementing effective promotions such as dominant signage, high traffic locations for exhibits, tastings and samplings, interactive displays, strategically positioned logos and effective distribution plans for literature and coupons. 

How We Can Help

Our team of professionals stand ready to help you reach our unique military market through a variety of marketing channels associated with our many MWR programs. By partnering with MWR your brand will be positioned to gain market share through direct sponsorship engagement and advertising opportunities.

  • Signage and Promotional Materials:  promotional materials are strategically placed in high-traffic locations where they reach thousands of our installation community members daily.
  • Print and Digital Media:  showcase your business in our weekly publication ("the bite" e-newsletter) on our website, or on digital media throughout the installation. These platforms allow us to target specific groups where key messages can reach your target market.
  • Product Sampling and Demonstration: place your product directly in the hands of your target market through sample distribution or displays. Arrangements can be made for on-site sampling, demonstrations and coupon distribution in conjunction with event/program promotion.
  • Cross Promotion: we work closely with our counterparts in the Army, Navy and Marines. If you want to reach across all branches of service, we are happy to work a joint program or point you in the right direction. Event cross marketing is also available in DoD agencies, national guard and military reserve units located on DLA installations, which ensures our sponsors receive maximum impact.

Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising FAQs

What is Commercial Sponsorship?

The Commercial Sponsorship Program offers you, the Sponsor, the opportunity to present your company’s message in a variety of creative ways to the military and civilian community. Sponsorship gives you access to our customers, helps you build goodwill and creates brand recognition among this loyal and growing market. Sponsorship seeks to partner local businesses with MWR programs, services or events which will enhance the workforce's experience while providing a benefit to the community. Sponsorship can be paid by cash or in-kind.

Who Can I Reach at the DSCC?

  • 7000 Military Support Personnel
  • 800 Support Contractors
  • 600 Permanent Military Personnel*

*additional military personnel are on base for training & reserve weekends

  • 59% of Employees are Military Veterans
  • 50% of Employees have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
  • $60,000 Average Annual Income

How much will it cost?

Sponsorship varies by event, type and variety of exposure you receive. Your sponsorship may be in the form of cash, products or services, or a combination of all three. Advertising also varies by location, frequency, duration, size and other factors. We recommend that you take a look at our DSCC Sponsorship and Advertising Program Package to get a basic idea of the price range for the opportunities you are interested, then contact us so that we can create a custom proposal for your business.

How do I become a Sponsor and/or Advertiser?

We may solicit you to be a sponsor or you may come to us to request a proposal. Solicited sponsors are selected in a competitive process similar to awarding a contract. In all cases, a formal agreement outlining our mutual obligations and responsibilities is signed by both parties.

Ready to get started?  Email us as or call us at (614) 692-8798.