MWRts Fest Exhibit 2022

MWR would like to invite you to participate in their 2nd Annual MWRts Exhibit.  The Art Exhibit is planned for August 8-12, 2022 in the H-D-I Federal Center Ballroom.  All MWR patrons can participate in this event. This includes Military members, DoD Employees, Retirees, Contractors, Veterans, and their families.

For the art competition there will be a category for all patrons who are 18 and older and a category for children ages 5-17.  There are over 50 categories in which your artwork may be entered:  Everything from Fine Arts to Applied Arts and Kits!  Brochure with category and rules will be shared when they become available. 

Any artwork entered must be created on or after April 1, 2021.  Artworks must be submitted to MWR staff in room 2-1-66 by July 30, 2022.  All paintings, drawings, watercolors, photographs, and graphics should be framed (if possible) and ready for hanging. 

Veterans who are registered with the Battle Creek VA Medical Center can also be entered into the 2022 VA Creative Arts Festival in which these artworks will be judged against other Veterans with the chance to earn a place in the National competition!  To register for this special competition please email or call 269-961-4544.

 For more information on this event, contact Amanda Gentis at 269-961-4544 or OR Steven Gales at 269-961-7032 or  


MWRts Festival 2022 Categories and Rules

Section 1: Fine Arts

  1. Acrylic Painting
  2. Oil Painting
  3. Watercolor
  4. Monochromatic Drawing
  5. Colored Drawing
  6. Pastels
  7. Sculpture
  8. Pyrography Design
  9. Print Making
  10. Pottery
  11. B&W Photography
  12. Color Photography
  13. Digital Art*
  14. Military Combat*

*13. Digital Art

Art that was created using digital technology in the process of its creation. The work is created entirely with a computer and includes 2D graphics as well as 3D graphics. All original entries must be printed, mounted and framed to qualify for this competition.

It is REQUIRED that the software programs used be listed in the “mediums/techniques used” section of the entry form. ANIMATION AND VIDEOS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Digitally enhanced photography goes in category 11 or 12.

*14. Military Combat Experience

Requires combat duty in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War or current combat operations. Your art must relate to your personal experience in that conflict and provide a statement, consisting of 25 to 225 words, explaining how the art relates to that experience, composed by you or VA staff contact person. The medium used must be a fine art or applied art medium. Kits are not allowed. For this category there is NO restriction when the artwork was created. 

Artwork entered previously in this category will not be accepted.

Section 2: Applied Art

15. Glazed Ceramics
16. Stained/Painted Ceramics
17. Woodworking
18. Carving
19. Jewelry (not beaded)
20. Crochet / Knitting
21. Mosaic
22. Collage
23. Assemblage
24. Needlework/Original Design
25. Fiber Arts/Original Design
26. Knotting
27. Leather Stamping
28. Leather Carving/Tooling
29. Metal Work
30. Glasswork
31. Beadwork
32. Scroll Saw/Fret Work
33. Mixed Media
34. Group Art*

*34. Group Art Category

A single art entry created by a group of no more than eight Veterans

Section 3: Kits

35. Leather
36. Wood Building
37. Model (Plastic)      
      Model (Wood)      
      Model (Metal)
38. String Art
39. Latch Hook
40. Craft Coloring
41. Figurine Painting
42. Paint-by-Number
43. Suncatcher/Sand Art
44. Fabric Art
45. Needle Work Kits
46. Transfer/Engraving Art
47. Mosaic
48. Combined Kits

MWRts Festival Rules

MWRts Festival Rules - 2022

1) MWR Patrons are eligible to include: Active Duty Military, Retired Military, DOD Employees, 100% Disabled Veterans, Veterans and their families and other patrons authorized by the DLA Installation Management Site Director.

2) Adult Categories will be ages 18 and up., Youth categories will be ages 5-17.

3) All artworks entered (except for the Military Combat Experience, category 14) must have been completed after April 1, 2021.

4) All artworks must be submitted to MWR staff in room 2-1-66 by July 30, 2022. All paintings, drawings, watercolors, photographs, and graphics should be framed and ready for display. (POC: Amanda Gentis, 269-961-4544 or or Steven Gales, 269-961-7032 or

5)Participants may only submit one entry per category.

6) No one Participant will be allowed to enter more than three art categories and one group category.

7) A consent form (Consent for Production and Use of Verbal or Written Statements, Photographs, Digital Images, and/or Video or Audio Recordings by VA) must be completed and signed by every Participant entering the competition. Parents/Guardians will sign consent for youth entries.

8) Participants may not expand the number of their entries in any one division using a different name (for example: pen names, stage names, different artist names, etc.).
For Participants who wish to also be entered in the VA Competition,

Watch MWRts 2021 Exhibit Video
Creative Sessions

Are you wanting to participate in the 2022 MWRts Exhibit, but aren’t sure if you have time to create a piece of artwork? MWR would like to provide a time for you to create your art and enjoy the process without the stress!  MWRts Creative Session will be from 1100-1300 in room 2-1-64.  Please bring your art supplies, your creativity and enjoy the process of creating your artwork!

MWR will offer limited supplies and some kits for those who want to be creative and create pieces of artwork that can be submitted for the competition!

 Upcoming Sessions: 

  • July 14th- complete your work session 

For more information on these sessions, contact Amanda Gentis at 269-961-4544 or OR Steven Gales at 269-961-7032 or  

 Watch a quick video of the 2021 MWRts Fest Exhibit:

Learn more about MWRts Exhibit retuning to the H-D-I Federal Center August 8-12, 2022 at:


Creative Session 05/05/2022: Assemblage
Creative Session 04/21/2022: Premade Kits
Creative Session 04/14/2022: Acrylic Painting