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  • Decreasing Fat, Sugar, and Salt- May 10, 2022

    Presented by Ali Rogers, B.S., Community Nutrition Instructor with Michigan State University Extension. PRESENTATION SUMMARY What is the difference between saturated, unsaturated and trans fats? How do you decrease your salt and/or sugar intake? Many of us take in too much fat, salt, and sugar throughout our daily meals, which can lead to many health issues. In this presentation you will learn tips and tricks to recognize these in food labels, how to cook healthier and overall decrease your intake of fat, salt and sugar thought-out your day.
  • First Command Presents, “Securing Your Retirement” -04/26/2022

    With medical advances and healthier lifestyles one of the biggest risks in retirement is longevity. So, how can we transform your Social Security into a winning retirement strategy? In this presentation we explore different Social Security strategies, look at scenarios to maximize benefits, and when is the best time to start collecting? Followed by a Q&A.
  • First Command Presents, “Student of the Market: Inflation Special Edition” 02/22/2022

    Things have changed. As inflation continues to make news headlines what does this mean for your portfolio? How does spiking inflation effect your income sources? In this presentation we look at the history of inflation in the USA, the impact inflation has had over time, and different strategies to combat inflation from a defensive and offensive approach. Hunter is currently working as a Financial Advisor with First Command and wants to help you. Reach out to to connect!
  • Universal Studios Orlando Lunch & Learn 02/17/2022

    Are you a fan of the Harry Potter Series? How about Despicable Me, or Jurassic Park? Universal Studios Orlando offers a great escape to exciting Parks, Family-Friendly and Luxury Resorts. Are you interested in this destination for your family during spring break or a long getaway with friends? Here are just a few of the things that Steven will cover: • Exclusive DOD Employee ticket discounts • Universal resort packages • Amazing food that awaits you • Great entertainment venues • Why there is something for everyone at Universal Studios Orlando
  • Social Security with Vonda VanTil

    Social Security Retirement Workshop by Social Security Administration Public Affairs Specialist Vonda VanTil for employees in the FERS Retirement System. What you need to think about when making the decision on when to file for social security. Get your info directly from the source. Topics Covered: Filing Early versus Delayed, Spouses/Divorced Spouses Benefits, Impact on Survivor Benefits, Taxation of Benefits, Work Affects, Medicare Enrollment While attending this workshop, it would be helpful to have the following handouts:
  • Nutrition Fact Labels Presented by MSU Extension 01/27/2022

    How do you read a nutrition facts label? What are the important sections to focus on? The only way to really know if a food is healthy or not is to read the nutrition facts label to see what’s inside. This class will teach you: • How to look beyond the marketing on the package to tell if the food is truly healthy • What the different sections of the label mean • Which nutrients we should limit and which we should increase
  • All Things Disney 1/20/2022

    MWR Battle Creek’s Travel and Leisure Office Business Manager Steven Gales will provide answers to all your questions. Here are just a few of the things that Steven will cover: • Disney vacation packages • More about Disney Cruise • Information about tickets to Disneyland in California • Changes due to Covid-19
  • Beginning Breathwork

    Are you feeling numb? Apathetic? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Join Chelsie to learn a variety of simple breathing exercises and how these different techniques can either stimulate, soothe, and/or balance your nervous system depending on what you need in the moment – knowing that how we feel can change moment to moment, day to day. The best part? Once you learn the techniques, all of these breathing exercises are simple, free, and available for you to use anytime and anywhere.
  • First Command Presents, “Long -Term Care by the Numbers. What You Need to Know”

    Brought to you by First Command with guest speaker Financial Advisor Hunter Feraco. As healthcare and modern medicine continue to improve people are living longer than ever before. Whether you've heard of Long-Term Care or have direct experience with a family member this discussion gives a broad overview of how LTC works. What triggers an event? How does this impact your finances? Is this something you need to plan for?
  • Building Resilience 11/17/2021

    Veterans Resources: Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency: VA Health Care : VA Benefits: Veterans Crisis Line: Veteran Service Officer: MWR Veterans Resource Page: National Suicide Crisis Line 1-800-273-8355 Please fill our survey to help us continue to improve the presentation in the future
  • All Things Cruising 11/16/21

    MWR Battle Creek’s Travel and Leisure Office Business Manager Steven Gales will provide answers to all your questions. Here are just a few of the things that Steven will cover: • The best time to cruise • How to book your cruise • All that is included with cruises • Requirements related to Covid-19 • MWR’s upcoming 2022 Group Cruise This information packed session will help you feel confident when you cruise. If you are looking for a deal on cruises, or would like help planning your next vacation, we are here to help.
  • First Command Presents "Decision Point"

    The “Decision Point” presentation will cover separating from the service and/or retiring from a Federal job. How is Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) impacted, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Tricare (if applies), Federal health benefits, and more.
  • Hormones and How They Affect the Body

    Hormones and How They Affect the Body. Hormones affect everyone before we are born and throughout our lives. Learn about hormones like: insulin, cortisol, thyroid hormone, human growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone. Session presenter will be Dr. Ryan Ball DC ABAAHP FAAMFM.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation 09/30/21

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a relaxation technique that helps you identify where you hold tension in the body and helps you distinguish what it feels like to be completely relaxed – one muscle group at a time. Once you learn progressive muscle relaxation, this technique can be performed in many different settings and is especially useful right before sleep. Practicing progressive muscle relaxation several times per week has been shown to control stress, relieve insomnia, improve stress, reduce symptoms of chronic pain. This workshop is facilitated by Chelsie Downs-Hubbarth.
  • Gentle Chair Yoga & Guided Meditation

    Yoga is known to reduce stress, increase focus, and support self-regulation of the nervous system. Incorporating chair yoga into your routine is a fantastic way to incorporate “brain breaks” into your day while providing you the physical and mental boost of any yoga practice. Chair yoga does not require additional space or supplies (i.e., yoga mats) and can be easily modified to meet your unique needs. During this workshop, we will start with a centering practice, followed by a full body chair yoga routine and end with a guided meditation. This workshop is facilitated by Chelsie Downs-Hubbarth.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness 09/17/21

    Lunch & Learn Presentation: Introduction to Mindfulness. The concept of being “mindful” seems to be the latest buzz. What is it? Is it just a fad, or something with real meaning and application for our lives? Studies have shown that we spend so little time in the present moment. One study showed that people spend 47% of their time lost in their thoughts, which are mostly unpleasant! It seems that we are happiest when we are focused on what we are doing: a conversation with a friend, a sport, or even day-to-day tasks. Many religious traditions also teach that happiness is found by living in the present moment. The workshop is facilitated by Marti Peters-Sparling, MD.
  • First Command Presents: Student of the Market & Women, Wealth & Well-being: 08/17/2021

    The presentation with begin with a quick market recap/update as of July 2021 and then main presentation begin. The main presentation, “Women, Wealth, and Well-Being” is being brought to DLA as many women are solely responsible for their finances or a major breadwinner in their family. First Command is offering this presentation based on feedback they have received. The presentation is open to everyone and offers tips that everyone can use to help achieve financial stability.
  • Identifying PTS & Available Treatments

    Post-Traumatic Stress is not a disorder at all-it is really a normal response to an abnormal situation. Whether you or someone you love has been involved or witnessed a frightening, stressful, or traumatic event can suffer from PTS, such as: a car accident, a natural disaster, a sudden death of a friend or loved one, or combat. Learn how to identify common symptoms of PTS and understand available treatments to help you regain a sense of control over your life. Ms. Engle will teach you how to desensitize images that cause distress. Four Goals of the Presentation: • Identifying common symptoms of PTS • Understand available treatments • Identify alternative and new treatments that are brain-based • Learn how to desensitize images that cause distress
  • Health & Energy Acupuncture 05/20/21

    Dr. David Krofcheck Health and Energy Acupuncture will be explaining the benefits of acupuncture. Acupuncture can help the overall health and stimulate the body's immune healing. Learn more about Health and Energy Acupuncture at: Topics Covered: • Benefits of acupuncture • Condition that can be treated with acupuncture • How stimulate the body’s immune healing • Smoking cessation with acupuncture • Veterans Program
  • Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping

    Tapping is an easy to learn, easy to use set of tools and perspectives that gives us the power to gently (and often quickly) change our brain for deep healing, learning, and growth. EFT is an alternative therapy for physical and emotional pain, as well as anxiety, depression, stress and post-traumatic disorder (PTSD). Topics Covered: • Calming yourself • Relieve stress & anxiety • Relieve physical pain Resources:
  • Protecting Children On The Internet

    Lunch & Learn Presentation: Protecting Children on the Internet. Michigan State Police Detective Sergeant Gerald Yott will be presenting on keeping children safe on the Internet. D/Sgt Yott is part of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Topics Covered: • Today's child has it hard • Dialog with your Children • Not what if it happens, but when? • Protect and How to navigate sites
  • First Command Presents, "The Power of Planning"

    This is a presentation brought to you by First Command with guest speaker Financial Advisor Hunter Feraco. We hope you can join us. Why do so many people struggle to achieve their goals in life? Too often, it’s because they don’t know the right steps to take. Learn how a thoughtful plan can empower and guide you in the pursuit of what’s important to you.
  • Purposeful Parenting with Derek Malone

    Guest speaker Derek Malone will discuss tips for enhancing parent-child relationships as well as how to raise responsible children. Topics Covered: • Knowing what hat to wear (coach, mentor, cheerleader). • Right-hand, Left-hand column • Perspectives on authority
  • NOLS Spotlight

    National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Spotlight with Lynn Petzold. Join this visual journey to learn more about NOLS and our leadership model which includes four leadership roles, seven leadership skills and one signature style. Their alumni include NASA astronauts, executives, MBA students, scholarship programs, high school students and affinity groups for women, LGBQT and POC populations.
  • Social Security Presentation with Vonda VanTil

    Social Security Retirement Workshop by Social Security Administration Public Affairs Specialist Vonda VanTil. What you need to think about when making the decision on when to file for social security. Get your info directly from the source. Topics Covered: Filing Early versus Delayed Spouses/Divorced Spouses Benefits Impact on Survivor Benefits Taxation of Benefits Work Affects Medicare Enrollment
  • Nutrition for Optimal Health-02/25/21

    This workshop dives deeper into the effects of nutrition on our health. Presenter: Dr. Ryan Ball DC ABAAHP FAAMFM is a published research author and provides holistic, natural healthcare to the people of the Midwest United States and beyond. Which foods are ALWAYS bad for you? Which plays a bigger role in weight loss? Diet or Exercise? Which type of protein is the most biological available? Which food is the best at providing fiber? Which foods are the most nutrient-dense?
  • Universal Studios Florida-February 24, 2021

    No longer just an “add-on” to your other Florida vacation! Make it THE Destination! Universal Studios Florida offers a great escape to exciting Parks, Family-Friendly and Luxury Resorts, and great entertainment venues! Find out about the exclusive DOD Employee ticket discounts! Also learn about their resort packages! There is something for everyone at Universal Studios Florida!
  • First Command Presents-Seven Common Mistakes in Pursuing Your Financial Goals-February 16, 2021

    Hunter Feraco, First Command Financial Advisor, tackles why is it that federal employees often struggle in their pursuit of financial well-being. Gleaned from First Command’s long experience integrating federal benefits into comprehensive financial plans, the Seven Common Mistakes demonstrates that long-term financial success is just as much about not making the wrong moves as it is about making all of the right moves.
  • All Things Disney: 01/27/21

    Are you curious about Disney vacation packages? Just want to know more about a Disney Cruise? How about tickets to Disneyland in California? Learn how Disney has implemented several safety measures based on guidance from health authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and appropriate government agencies. For more information on Travel & Leisure Services contact or 269-961-5084
  • Healthy Snacking: 01/26/21

    Presenter: Allisen Rogers, B.S., Community Nutrition Instructor with Michigan State University Extension. PRESENTATION SUMMARY: What is the difference between and snack and a treat? A snack you can have every day, and a treat is something you look forward to having on occasion. Knowing the difference will help you in making healthy snacks for you and your family.
  • Maintaining Health During Challenging Times: 12/11/20

    Presenter: Holly Tiret and Georgina Perry from MSU Extension-Social Emotional Health and Health Extension Research. The current pandemic has impacted everyone, affecting mental, social and physical health. The session will highlight ways to maintain your mental, social, emotional and physical health not just during the current Covid crisis, but any challenging times.
  • First Command Making the Most of the Thrift Savings Program: November 17, 2020

    Presented by Hunter Feraco, Financial Advisor with First Command Financial Services goes beyond an overview presentation about the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and the important role it can play in retirement. How much should you contribute to your TSP? What investment options should you choose? Should you make Traditional or Roth contributions? We’ll tackle all of these questions and more.
  • DNR Q&A: November 3, 2020

    Presenter: Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Jason McCullough. Topics covered will include: Information about hunting, fishing, boating, rules & regulations, camping, trails, safety classes, licenses, winter activities, and more.
  • Diabetes Jeopardy: October 20, 2020

    Presenter: Susan Pearson RN, BSN, CDE, Diabetes Education Specialist at Ascension Borgess Diabetes and Endocrine Center will focus on minimizing and reducing the effects of diabetes. Topics include reducing your risk of developing diabetes, meal planning & nutrition, glucose level monitoring, the disease process and medication, preventing and reducing insulin dependency when possible.
  • Sleep Presentation: 09/17/20

    Douglas Gordon, Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, owner of Minges Creek Chiropractic of Battle Creek discusses the importance of sleep and its impact on health. YOU WILL LEARN: • The importance of sleep • Sleep’s effects on our overall health • How to identify hurdles • What constitutes “quality” sleep • How to “hack” your sleep


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