Official Passport Services

Official "no-fee" passport services are available at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center for DLA employees and members of local military service units. 

Services include applying for official passports and visas, turning in the expired official passports, and cancelling official passports that are no longer required.

Official passport/visa service is by appointment only. The typical appointment usually takes 30 minutes per person. Please allow 60 days to apply for the official passport, and another 45 days for the visa. Contact the passport agent to determine if the country you are traveling to requires an official passport and/or a visa.

Listed below is a checklist to aid you in preparing for your appointment. The documentation presented at the appointment will be forwarded with the application, and will be returned to you upon receipt of the official passport. Official passports will be sent to the passport agent.

For DLA employees or military members that are not in the local Battle Creek area, call commercial 703-545-0003 to receive assistance in locating an official passport agent in your area.

For all other questions, please contact the passport agent.


Passport Agent:

Lisa Grenon

(269) 961-4051


Hours of Operation:

By appointment only