Fitness Center Overview


At the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center Fitness Center the entire employee workforce is committed to meeting all of your health and fitness needs. Whether you're looking for a high intensity workout, relaxing massage, group exercise class, personal trainer or are just seeking some recreational sports programs, we've for it all here. Visit us today to get the most out of your fitness experience.

The Battle Creek HDIFC Fitness Center strives to provide top of the line fitness facilities to military, federal civilian employees, and their families. We are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, and relaxed atmosphere where our members can effectively pursue their health and fitness goals. The fitness center specialists remain current and knowledgeable about both the psychological and physiological effects of exercise, and offer clients support and advice based on their expertise.

Vision Statement

The Battle Creek Federal Center Fitness Center will promote and optimize the health and fitness of our entire employee workforce.

Fitness Center Usage Rules

  • Bring clean tennis shoes.
  • Always respect the rights of other patrons with respect to fans, radio, television, etc.
  • Use of tobacco products, alcohol, and food while in the fitness facility is prohibited.
  • Be responsible; help maintain the cleanliness of the fitness facility by wiping down equipment after use.
  • Lockers are for daily use only.
  • Be courteous to other patrons, and limit exercise times to 30 minutes if necessary during heavy usage times
  • Return all equipment to its proper place when finished with it.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and conducive to exercise. Clothing must be in good condition and considered decent. Other street clothing not specifically designed for athletic wear competition is not authorized.
  • Wear appropriate footwear, i.e. tennis shoes, while working out.
  • Follow emergency procedures posted by the phone in the fitness facility.
  • Report any accidents to the staff member on duty and complete the appropriate agency accident form.


Authorized Users of the Fitness Facility

  • Active Duty (AD) military personnel and family with military ID cards*
  • Reserve components (RC) and family with military ID cards*
  • Retired military personnel and family with military ID cards*
  • U.S. DoD APF/NAF civilian employees with non-expired CAC*
  • DoD contract personnel working on the installation with non-expired CAC
  • Non-DoD federal employees working on site with non-expired CAC

*Children 12 years old and under may not use mechanical cardiovascular equipment, or strength, sauna, or steam room areas at any time. Children 12-15 years of age must be actively participating in the same activity and under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

Each authorized patron described above can sign in a guest. The guest should have a valid ID to sign in at the guard station. The guest must remain with the sponsor at all times and leave with the sponsor at the conclusion of their workout.


Visit us today to learn how to get the most out of your fitness experience. Between classes, competitions, and customized training plans, we can get you to your goal faster!