Fitness Center Operations for Phase 2

The Fitness Center is open Monday-Friday 0600 to 1300

All fitness center rooms will be available for use by patrons who are currently in person at the HDIFC during phase 2 operations.

We will still be utilizing a reservation system; the following capacities will exist:

  • Main Fitness Center: 15 per hour
  • Aerobic Room: 5 per hour
  • Circuit Room: 5 per hour

Patrons may not move between rooms during their reserved timeframe, to keep capacities manageable. Patrons will need to go to the Main Fitness Center to swipe their key fob for usage reporting. Key fobs can be obtained by going to Fitness Center Main Entrance.

The fitness center is following the mask protocol as assigned to DLA employees of the HDIFC.  Patrons are asked to wipe equipment before and after using to help ensure the safety and health of those using the Fitness Center.  We hope you can join us.


Personal Trainers are there to help you reach your personal goals.

(Excludes holidays). Reservations are required.

TO MAKE FITNESS CENTER RESERVATIONS CALL: 269-961-5350 or 269-961-7105