Fitness Assessments

The Fitness Center has obtained a Tanita Segmental Analyzer to help with body assessment to aid in your fitness journey.

The Tanita Analyzer is a multi-frequency body composition analyzer that has 3 frequencies providing highly accurate whole body segment measurements. Segment analysis provides in depth information for each arm, leg and the trunk area by comparing results to average readings. The assessment generates an easy to understand graphic sheet for a full consultation. The assessment calculates personal health risk categories in a simple format. It shows the balance of muscle between the left and right sides of the body. It also shows the core components of body composition. The data is represented in kgs. or lbs. as well as percentage formats to provide a clear picture of your health and fitness status.

Conducts a BMR - VFR - TBW analyses. The Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) shows the number of calories required to keep the body functioning when in total rest. This is further supported by a chart showing the effectiveness of burning calories. Visceral Fat Rate (VFR) is the harmful fat in the abdominal area. The rating indicates whether or not the level is within the healthy range. Measuring levels of body water is especially important for athletes. The Total Body Water (TBW) sshoes the weight and the percentage of water in the body. This is further divided into extra cellular and intracellular water levels. The ratio shows the relationship between extra cellular and and total body water.The optimal level is considered to be 40%.

Physique rating assesses muscle and body fat rating into 9 body types. As activity level changes over time the balance of the body fat and muscle will alter which will change the users overall physique.

Muscle Mass Balance shows the balance of muscle between the left and right side of the body.

Body Fat Distribution shows the ratio of upper and lower body fat calculated, and plotted against average healthy values for gender and age.