Body Transformation 2021 


Body Transformation 2021 has started earlier this week. There is still an opportunity to join in on the challenge.  It will continue through January 18th, 2021 through March 5th, 2021.  Body Transformation 2021 will be sharing additional resources to help individuals achieve their goals.  Some of the resources will include virtual assessments and support from the Fitness Center personal trainers, stretches handouts, a Healthy Snacking presentation on January 26th, and much more. 


Some of the side effects from actively participating in Body Transformation 2021 include: More energy, better sleep, jump starting your metabolism. Participants are asked to weigh themselves to create a base line to measure progress.


For more information and or register, contact Martha Kerns at:


NOTE: Due to Covid-19 Restrictions and limited Fitness Center usage, please refer to the MWR Fitness Center web page for exercises execution videos and workouts.