Family Advocacy

Our mission is to educate, strengthen, and support families. We offer a variety of services to help families develop and maintain healthy relationships, especially during transition and stress. Our primary goal is victim safety and well-being.

Programs and Services include:

Family Advocacy Program

  • Domestic Violence victim response and referrals for services, including counseling and Domestic Violence services
  • Support for child abuse, domestic abuse, and sexual assault
  • Marriage and Parenting workshops
  • Awareness and education about child abuse prevention
  • Crisis and mental health assistance
  • Financial matters
  • Deployment and Reintegration
  • Relocation
  • Caregiver Support
  • Child Development Center
  • Community  and VA Resources
  • Notary Public Services

Check out our calendar  for any events taking place to include: classes, workshops, presentations, Information Fairs, or activities related to Family Advocacy.

To report child or domestic abuse or other personal danger concerns, call your local Family Advocacy Program at  269-961-4051 or the county Child Protective Services 855-444-3911

Call the DoD child abuse report line, 877-790-1197, for the reporting of suspicions of child sexual abuse in a DoD facility.

Family Advocacy Program
Room 2-1-30, Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center


If you are in IMMEDIATE DANGER CALL 9-1-1