Employee Assistance Program


DLA Employee Assistance Program



Help is available all day, all week, all year! 24 hours a day!

The DLA Employee Assistance Program is for all DLA Employees. The EAP Service can help with emotional, relationship, family, alcohol, financial and job concerns, as well as legal (private matters, not work related) and counseling for work and personal matters. The EAP Service is a professional resource available to help you resolve life challenges, big or small. When you call the toll free EAP number, you will get a prompt response and speak with a professional  at the service center, 7 days a week. The EAP Service Center Staff will guide you to the appropriate resources, such as seeing an experienced, licensed, EAP Counselor in your community for assessment, consultation, or crisis management: receiving a referral for legal or financial consultation; or being directed to educational information related to your issue. EAP Services are free and confidential. Information will be only released with your written  permission, except as required by law.

Cost: Free of Charge.

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