DLA Life Connections

DLA Life Connections Program

1-800-873-1322 (TTY)


DLA Life Connections is a work/life program which is available to help you manage important events in your life while meeting the demands of your work and home. Let the DLA Life Connections Program work for you. The DLA Life Connections trained specialists and website can answer questions, information, and help you find a wide variety of resources and services quickly. The program is available to assist you all day, all week, and all year by calling a toll free number or visiting the website.

Calling the toll free number will put you in direct contact with a highly trained work/life specialist who is always ready to help. The specialist will talk with you about your special needs and then locate resources by customizing a search which will save you valuable time.

Search the online database for an instant listing of providers in your area - childcare and parenting, adult care, aging, education, financial and legal concerns, health and wellness, prenatal care, adoption, relocation, nursing homes, personal support for every day issues and more!

Participate in virtual seminars on child care options, communicating with older loved ones, college financial planning and more!

Cost: Free of Charge