Deployment & Reintegration

The Family Support Arm of the HDI Federal Center is the Family Advocacy Program. We work with both DLA Civilian and DLA Military personnel. We provide both pre-deployment and post-deployment  and reintegration services.

Pre-deployment briefings, as well as family boxes are provided to deploying personnel. We also follow up on our DLA deploying personnel at 30-90-180 days, approximately.

The following links contains important information for all DLA personnel and thier families. Make sure you take advantage of the valuable resources contained therein.


If you have questions, please contact:

Lisa Grenon

Family Support Services Manager,  Deployment and Reintegration Support

Defense Logistics Agency, Installation Support, HDI Federal Center, Batte Creek, Michigan

Commercial: 269-961-4051, DSN: 661-4051, Toll Free: 1-888-352-9333, x4051